If you are searching for a great location in the US to start a new life, you will have plenty of reasons to pick the Granite State to make it your residence! This amazing place is home to numerous benefits, entertainment options, recreational opportunities, etc. However, along with that, this state also has lots of interesting urban legends to offer. So, if you are interested to discover myths about New Hampshire, you might want to keep reading this text!

1 – Wood Devils are among the famous myths about New Hampshire

Well, if you are a believer in urban legends and myths, you shouldn’t go to rural forests in Coos County! Rumor has it that, this part of New Hampshire is known for its scary stories about gray-haired animals. They are tall, skinny, and fast-moving, and they are known as Wood Devils. Also, they are capable of hiding in plain sight, so if you ever decide to visit this place, you should know about this! But, if that doesn’t bother you, you will have a beautiful area in Coos County for exploring. Just get yourself a company or the best wireless headphones you should know about, and prep yourself for a trip!

2 – The Haunting of the Chase House

If you are a fan of frightening stories, you should read this one! You see, in Portsmouth people created a space for orphans and difficult kids. That place is named the Chase House and it is known for a girl who killed herself. After that incident, the Chase House becomes haunted by the screams. Also, the building’s doors started to lock and unlock by themselves, etc.

Anyhow, once you become a resident, you will hear more details about this story. So, if you still want to make that happen, you should start working on your relocating project. Take your time to plan the move, and begin packing. As for transferring your belongings to your new home in this state, you should consider working with reliable movers like My Brooks Moving New Hampshire. These experts will help you perform this process in no time, so you won’t have anything to worry about. Thanks to their, services, you will be able to settle down in NH as soon as possible.

3 – The unlucky 13 

For those people who are superstitious, they need to hear this story! You see, in New Hampshire, there is a Statehouse that has no seats labeled 13. The reason why this is happening here is because of the superstitious state legislator. You see, when it comes to myths about New Hampshire, lots of locals believe that the number 13 brings bad luck. Therefore, for some people, the whole number is a problem. They avoid going out on Friday the 13th, seating in a chair enumerated with the number 13, etc. So, since you are about to start your new life in this state, you should remember this. 

 4 – The Legend of Mystery Hill is also interesting

You should know that Mystery Hill in a city named Salem in NH is known as America’s Stonehenge. This place is a pretty famous tourist attraction and archaeological site. Its origins remain unknown despite many speculations. Anyhow here, you will see an interesting series of small stone walls. Also, you will have an opportunity to discover odd stone arrangements and underground chambers. 

You see, when it comes to The Legend of Mystery Hill, you should know that seeing is believing. So, once you relocate to New Hampshire, plan your trip to Salem. Just do your best to prep your new residence for moving in and start your adventure. Learn how to bring a breath of luxury into your home, unpack, prep it for settling down, etc. Once you take care of that, you will have plenty of time to get ready for exploring this Mystery Hill and other parts of NH!

5 – The Cursed Isles of Shoals is also one of the myths about New Hampshire you shouldn’t believe

If you are getting easily scared, you might want to skip your trip to The Cursed Isles of Shoals when exploring NH as a new resident. This place is known for its history of pirates. Also, The Cursed Isles of Shoals is recognizable for its stories about axe murders, creepy tales, abandoned lighthouses, etc. Anyhow, when you move here, you will also hear how beautiful these islands are. But, even though it looks like a spot where you will have a blast, still, you might want to forget it. It is not recommended for check out, especially if you are superstitious and incurious. 

So, instead of worrying about that as a resident, you should get yourself some 5 essentials for the perfect evening routine. Thanks to those, you will be able to relax in your new home right after moving to New Hampshire!

6 – The Legend of Lake Winnipesaukee

Another myth about New Hampshire you should know about is related to Lake Winnipesaukee! You see, this is a love story about people from different Native American tribes. When the father discovers his daughter’s forbidden love for a great enemy, he tries to do his best to destroy her lover. But, eventually, he comes around and plans their wedding in Lake Winnipesaukee. The weather on their wedding day was stormy but all of the sudden bright sunlight burst through. The canoe of the bride and the groom become shiny and her father took that as a sign of the Gods. Therefore, he claimed the lake as Winnipesaukee which “Smile of the Great Spirit.”

But, apart from many myths about New Hampshire, Lake Winnipesaukee has lots of other things to offer as well! This place is highly recommended for exploring, so when you become a resident, you will have plenty of reasons to come here. In Lake Winnipesaukee, you will have an opportunity to enjoy lots of attractions and activities. It is a family-friendly destination where people enjoy riding a boat, jet-ski, spending time at the beaches, etc.