SEO Trends for 2019

A few things that websites need to focus in the year to remain at the top of the SERPs.

High-quality and link-worthy content

Excellent content is the main thing that proves great for any website as it grabs the eyeballs of the people who have a hunger for knowledge. Its importance will increase manifold in the coming years. Google in this year too will continue to focus on informative and high-quality content with the algorithm becoming smarter and better. Now, optimizing the website is easier for those who have good quality content on their website. Good content can make a website go higher in rank in the SERPs.

Sites that discuss a topic in detail and give more in-depth knowledge of any product, soared higher on the SERPs whereas the ones which had no depth in their content were weaker in comparison.

The only point to remember is that while publishing content on your website is that you shouldn’t write and upload content on the website only to keep your blog fresh and alive, but you must write content keeping in mind that the contentis informative and valuable to the readers.

So, start creating high-quality, informative and content that will be loved by your readers

Simpler Queries

Everyday more and more users want to read content online,and they rely on the internet for getting most of the information. Readers always look for brief answers online as people are more interested to know straightforward answers.

Voice Search

It has been estimated that by the end of the year 2022 almost 50% of the searches will be done with voice. Voice searches are increasing in popularity and making your website stay among the topmost; your SEO strategy must too accommodate the rising trend.

Website Loading Speed

Although, the loading speed of the website was always considered important, in 2021 it will be of much higher value. In 2021, the effects of the website loading speed will be much more visible on the search engines ranking page. With Free SEO Tools that are available online you can check the loading speed of your website.

Did you know?

If a website takes more than 5 seconds to load then the bounce rate of the website increases by almost 90%.

With time and especially at the current point of time webpage loading speed has become way more important. Ways in which you can improve your website loading speed:

  • Use CDN server
  • Minify JS and CS files
  • Defer javascript loading
  • Compress images
  • Minimize HTTP requests
  • Compress images

SEO friendly URL

If you use a keyword in the URL of your website,then it will help in improving the search visibility of your website. So, make sure that you have an SEO Friendly URL.

Mobile First Indexing

Now, websitesare rankedby the quality they provide to mobile users. In case if a mobile has a desktop and mobile versions, then the index adds the mobile one and if it has only the desktop version, then it gets indexed as same as the normal one.

If you are planning to make a website or even if you already have one, then you need to make sure that it is a mobile-friendly version or else automatically google will index something that won’t show up to the mobile users.

Seamless user experience

This can have a great magnitude of effect on the user. Business owners need to make sure that their website delivers a silky smooth UX experience. So, when getting your website developed make sure that the final website has an intuitive design, has no technical issues, has low page load time,etc.

Influencer Marketing

For this, you need to connect with an influencer first. You can promote your blog, website or your company with the help of influencer marketing. Nowadays, all the people are eager to know what the famous bloggers are doing, and they listen to the review given and rely upon them more than the paid advertisements. So, you need to approach famous influencers,and if they agree on to giving your brand a mention, then your business can become famous in no time. Influencer marketing is the latest technique that is used to boost the ranking on the SERPs.

In the year 2021 websites that do not optimize themselves according to the latest SEO techniques, they will have to suffer the most. So, keep yourself updated with the latest changing trends and have a happy 2021!

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