Girl Mood Swings

Are you tired facing her tantrums? Don’t know how to help her? Don’t know how to get through this? Here tips for you guys out there on how to deal with girl mood.

  1. Don’t Upset her

Most guys have their ego and can’t control their temper. FOR GOD SAKE just once in a while try to act a bit rationale and here you need to take notes on things you shouldn’t do, don’t mess up the house and try to keep it clean. Next, don’t complain on what things she does. For example, her cooking is a bit off and don’t you ever complain is not good at least encourage her that she can do better.

  1. Understand her

I know it’s hard to understand women but you need to try to accept her flaws. She probably in pain because of the menstrual(period). You need to understand that period of pain is common for women.

The pain can get worse sometimes and if she being rude to you just smile and accept it for sure she will feel guilty after that. She can’t control the pain it comes and goes just to understand the painit helps.

  1. Respect Her

Her nagging sometimes can feel like someone about to drop a bomb. It gives pain to your ears and tension your muscles. If she makes a decision even though it’sdoesn’t sound reasonable just respect her decision. Since the key to strengthen a relationship is respect.

For example, she asks you to buy something from the store but the store already closed and you tend to explain it to her but she can’t accept. If this situation happens to you, well the best way you can do is just go to a nearby store buy it.If it not available just buy the thing that almost the same.

  1. Don’t control her

Don’t errand her to do things you just worsen her mood for the entire day. I know guys usually not good on doing chores in the house. At least, you guys can learn and try at least doing the basic things. For example, wash the dishes, sweep or mop the floor and etc. Even the smallest things you do it help in terms of improving her mood.


  1. Control your emotions

If you can’t control your anger the best solution is to leave the room it helps both of you. Instead of both of you screaming at each other and it’s better to leave the room for her to find time for herself.

  1. Don’t try to fix her

I have encountered many couples when his girl is on mood swings the guy always try to fix her such as ask her don’t nag at him, don’t do this, don’t do that. Let her be the way she wants to be.

Some girls have some weird habits when she on mood swings or worse she acts crazy. The solution is simpleto let her be maybe she needs something to cheer herself up and guys just accept it and console her it helps to improve her mood.

  1. Listen to her

When your women came home with an uninterested face that it’s mean she having a bad day. Ask her what happen today and be there when her emotional is unstable. Don’t ignore her you just going to make her mood worse. Listen to her story and all she needs is someone to listen to.

  1. Make her day better

Mood swings are something that even women can’t control it. But you can make it better, try to do some activities with her such as, taking walk at the park or cuddle with her on the bed while watching some movies and etc. It sounds a bit common but simple things do matter in relationships. Remember this guy.

  1. Cook for her

What is better than home cooked meals? Yes, None. Guys take note, girls love if someone she loves to cook for her. It doesn’t have to be food like in a 5-star hotel, make it simple. For example, in the morning before she wakes makes some breakfast for both of you such as bread spread with butter, scrambled eggs or baked beans and if she a coffee lover make some for her. A whiff of coffee can make her whole day better.

  1. Light up the mood

Music can be one way to boost her mood. Play her favorite songs and embrace her. The warmth from the loved ones can improve her mood. If she having a bad day or her mood is a bit unstable this is one of the ways where you can help her.

In the bottom line

It may or may not work on your partner. Do use it as a guide to find a way to improve her mood.

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