things to know before moving to nyc

Welcome to the Big Apple, the city of dreams and endless possibilities! People move here for many reasons. Some come looking for a better job. Some want to have a life similar to those on TV screens. Well, whatever the reason may be, New York’s got you covered. There is literally something for everybody here. However, we have to mention that this city never sleeps and that the saying ‘If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere’ really is true! Living in NYC can be a struggle. The city is big, all the important people live here, so, if you want to succeed, you must work for it. That means working hard every day. But, since you are here, do not let work be your only occupation. Here is some advice on how to manage your time after moving to NYC.

Choose Your Neighborhood Wisely

You probably heard that traffic can be terrible in NYC. Especially if you live and work in Manhattan. Other boroughs of New York are less crowded, but be sure that there will be days where you will be stuck in traffic for hours. This is something you simply have to adjust to. But, if you are looking for ways to manage your time after moving to NYC and make most out of your days, you must plan and be smart. Start by researching where you will live. This, of course, mostly depends on your budget. But, it should also depend on where you plan on working. Try to choose the neighborhood that is close to your place of work. That way, you will be able to avoid spending too much time in traffic and thus, save a lot of time. And, once, you find your perfect dream home, do not waste your time moving, just call and let them help with the relocation process.

Be Aware of the Traffic

As previously mentioned, traffic in New York City can be terrible. And there is no way of avoiding it. However, there are ways to spend fewer hours commuting. Here are a few examples:

  • Do not bother buying your own car – In New York City it is not common seeing people driving their own car. And for a good reason too. Traffic can be extremely busy, especially during rush hours. So, save yourself money and time and use public transportation as all locals do.
  • Make an effort to learn the rules  – In each state, or even city there are certain rules that must be followed. Yes, traffic rules are the same in most places. But, here, we are talking about those unwritten rules. And the city as big and crowded as New York, there are many such rules. So, if you still want to use your own car, at least talk to locals, and ask them to share some of their driving secrets.
  • Take advantage of public transportation – Probably the best way to manage your time after moving to NYC is to use public transportation. It is well developed and fast. If you commute to work, the best option is the subway. But also, you can use trains, buses, cabs and similar as well. All these means of transportation are punctual and inexpensive.
  • Use cabs only when necessary – Cabs tend to be really expensive, and because of that, save them for special occasions. Also, during traffic jams, it is pretty impossible to find them.

Make Reservations

If you are coming from a smaller town, this may be a surprise for you. But, if you live in New York, and you like to go out to cafes, restaurants, bars and similar places, you will most certainly waste soo much of your time on waiting in lines. Lines are everywhere. You will see them while waiting for a hotdog at your local bodega, or while you are waiting to pay your groceries at the supermarket. Most people got used to waiting in lines. But, you do not have to. You simply have to think the same way as locals and you will be saving a lot of your precious time. That means – learn how to think in advance and how to make reservations. So, if you plan on going out for the weekend, make reservations. If you want to go for a manicure, make reservations. Your life will become soo much easier once this becomes your habit.

Do Your Chores During the Weekdays

Another important thing to remember is that you should always finish your chores during the weekdays and leave nothing for the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays can be crazy and hectic. There will be so many people finishing their chores and so many tourists exploring this majestic city. So, if you were planning to leave all your chores like shopping, buying groceries, paying bills and similar, prepare for standing in long lines for an entire day. Even going to the supermarket on Sunday can be a horror story. So, save your self from that trouble and finish everything you can during the weekdays, of course, if possible. Use your weekend for exploring Manhattan for example. Join some tour if you are new. That is a great way to learn more about your new city. You can also ask some of your local friends to show you around and take you to cafes and restaurants that are not that overcrowded by tourists.