Storm Windows

Plexiglass is a form of lightweight thermoplastic that is being used as analternative for glass in many big industries. It is a shatter free acrylic sheet which gives it major popularity and a great stand against the glass. Plexiglass is being widely used to make windows, it has now replaced glass windows and with its many benefits, it has proved to be a great alternative and is producing much more safe and durable windows.

Why plexiglass became so popular?

Windows has always been made of glass, it made sense but then in 1933 plexiglass came into the picture and things have been changing ever since. It defined a new way of making windows and many other products that involved the use of glass. But why? Let’s find out.

  1. It was Cheaper

It has all the reasons to be cheaper. It took less money and energy to produce the acrylic sheets which contributed to their lesser cost. Moreover, as the plexiglass sheets were lighter than and not as delicate as the glass their transportation was also easier and hence this further reduced its final cost. So, whatever is cheaper and also better in this case, naturally gains popularity very quickly and so did plexiglass.

  1. It Provided More Strength

When it comes to windows you need them to be strong and resistant against forces. While glass provides very little safety and strength plexiglass was 17 times more powerful than the glass, which means that it took 17 times more energy to break plexiglass sheets than glass. Even when you break Plexiglass, it doesn’t shatter into pieces like glass, it still remains somewhat intact. This increased its usage for windows especially people living in areas that see regular storms. In situations where glass takes just one hit to shatter into pieces, plexiglass remained strong and provided a lot more protection for windows.

  1. Easy To Use

Plexiglass is a lot easier to use as compared to glass. The polymers in it make it much more flexible and easier to cut. It proves very useful when you are making design windows and in different architectural windows which require custom cutting of plexiglass. It can be easily cut like wood with the same tools. So whatever design you want for your window you can cut it in the same shape and thus it increases the creativity in windows too. It’s easy to move around so you can do pretty much everything when it comes to designing windows with plexiglass.

  1. It Provided High Light Transmission

90% of the light can pass through plexiglass sheets which mean that there is very little or almost no glare and plexiglass remains very clear. While glass produces a lot of glare and as its thickness increases the clarity decreases, Plexiglass’s thickness does not affect its clarity and the glare is highly reduced. Even frosted glass does not much provide as much clarity as plexiglass. Therefore, this was also a major reason why plexiglass became so popular and constructor’s favorite in a short amount of time.

Plexiglass checks all the boxes to be a super-efficient alternative for glass. While it can be used for other purposes the major use of plexiglass remains to be in storm windows due to its high strength and safety.

The good thing is that it is pretty easy to make storm windows using plexiglass and that too at a very cheaper cost. So how about we learn today how we can make inexpensive storm windows using plexiglass.

How to Make Inexpensive Storm Windows by Using Plexiglass?

Before you start making the window make sure you have the following tools:

  • Safety glasses
  • Wood glue
  • Plexiglass, ¼ inch thickness is recommended
  • Drill
  • Silicone sealant
  • ¼ inch drill bit
  • Pin nailer
  • ¼ inch dado blade
  • 1 ¼ inch pin nails
  • Nylon strap camp
  • Crosscut blade
  • Table saw with miter gauge
  • 2 ½ inch screws

That’s all the tools you will need while making this window.

Lets now look at the procedure.

Procedure For Making Plexiglass Windows

Let’s talk in steps to make it clearer.

  1. Measure the size of your window. It would require measuring all the dimensions and adding 2 inches to all of them. For example, if your window’s size is 22×22, your sheet should be 24×24 inches.
  2. Now you need to install the dado blade on the table saw. Elevate the blade to 3/8 inch starting from the tip of the highest blade to the exact point where you see the blade entering the saw table.
  3. Now turn on the saw and cut 4 pieces of size 1 ½ by 2 by 26 of the poplar. You will now have a ¼ inch dado from the center to the edge of each piece.
  4. Now mount the cross cut blade on the table saw. Angle the blade to 45 degrees. The miter gauge should be placed on the saw. Now as the dado faces the blade start placing poplar flat (1 ½ inch) on the table right in front of the gauge, taking one at a time. Join all the 4 poplar pieces with each other at their ends.
  5. Now take the silicone sealant and run it inside the dadoes of all the four pieces that you have prepared so far.
  6. Now pickup the plexiglass and push it inside the dadoes on the poplar. Pushing it further down will flatten the silicone which is your goal here. As you center the plexiglass between the dadoes put glue on the joined ends of the poplar. Now at an angle of 90 degrees to the first piece place another piece of poplar on the other side of Plexiglass. Join the two mitered ends together. Continue this process until you have until you complete the frame around the window.
  7. Now put this frame on a work table and with the help of nylon stamp clamp ooze out the glue from the corners of the frame.The glue will take about an hour to dry. Once it is dried, take the pin nails and with the pin nailer fix the frame with two pin nails in each corner.
  8. At the end with the help of drill and drill holes around the perimeter of the frame at 1 inch from the outside edge. The holes should be at a distance of 6 inches from each other and then use the screws to fix your storm window into its jambs.

And your storm window is now ready.

So that’s all, that’s just a super easy way to make your own storm windows at a very low budget. These Plexiglass windows will now provide you protection against storms and will not shatter with as the storm hits. They will keep your house safe and well protected.

By Aayushi Pradhan

I am an online blogger who provides you adequate information related to different categories of business and latest technology and trends. Writing on different topics give me the pleasure to cater knowledge and through my blogs I try to communicate with the world