A bright, multi-purpose room

Whether you’re in need of more rooms but cannot afford to take up that much space or are just simply living in a small apartment, you’ve found the right place. If you’re arguing with your partner about how you’re going to use the storage room you’ve just cleaned out, stop bickering. There’s a huge variety of ways you can merge two or more rooms into one, and it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. You can make your living room a game room in just a few days. All without it looking like things have been randomly thrown together. We’re here to help you create a functional multipurpose room.

Get the percentages right

It doesn’t matter if you want to create a living room/library or a bedroom/kid’s corner, you have to determine how much space each thing is going to take up. Otherwise, everything could end up looking really cluttered and messy. Considering that you’re not alone in making this decision, you’ll have to consult the other party. Especially if one part is your idea and the other one’s your roommate’s, you might want to consider sitting down and making some unnecessary details.

Determine zones to create a functional multipurpose room

Another way to be clear about boundaries is to create zones. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll need to build a new wall but rather imagine one. Luckily there are these things called room dividers and they are here to save the day. They are quite affordable and easy to use. If you are, for any sort of reason, against dividing your room in such a way, you may consider bringing the biggest pieces of furniture to the middle so that they would act as separators.

Nooks and crannies are the keys to saving space when creating a functional multipurpose room

You cannot imagine how many things can be stored in spaces you can make yourself. These days there’s a range of manners in which this could be achieved:

  1. Shelves or cupboards
    You can place a lot of things this way. Lookup some aesthetic blogs for ideas, it can turn out looking really chic and fresh.
  2. Pegboard
    These handy things may not be lookers but they do get the job done. When you’re trying to set up a functional multipurpose room you have to think about practicality as well as anything else.
  3. Separators/organizers
    This is pretty self-explanatory. You can get them in local markets and they are quite cheap.
  4. Storage space behind or under your furniture
    A lot of the time, there’s so much room under your bed or behind your desk and it can be used wisely. Just make sure that it is not visible or else it will make the area look preoccupied.
A multipurpose room with separators
Areas can be clearly separated

Don’t overcrowd the place

If you want to design a functional multipurpose room, you’re going to have to be able to take a more minimalist approach. Don’t put too many bits and pieces in locations that are visible from a mile away. If you do this, the room will feel jam-packed.

A good way is to just get rid of things that you don’t need. There’s also a possibility of moving them to a storage facility. In case you have too many things to carry or don’t have a big enough car, you can always hire someone. If you’re by any chance near New Jersey and are in need of this sort of service, Bluebell Relocation Services is as good as it gets. You might, however, have a lot of knick-knacks that you will use, think about closed cabinets. They won’t make the place feel cluttered, but you’ll still have everything on hand and ready to go.

Let there be light

Something that could also benefit a small space and make it feel bigger is a lot of light and brightness. If you don’t, per se, have many windows or live in a darker place, worry not! Light-colored walls and furniture can go a long way in making the place look larger. When trying to create a functional multipurpose room, you could also think about using some lamps and chandeliers. Be careful to use natural lights, ’cause really yellow or neon ones can make the space look tacky.

Different approaches to creating a functional multipurpose room

If you’ve given this some serious thought and gathered a lot of ideas on your own, that is great. Way to go, you’re ready for this makeover to begin. There may be some of you that feel differently. Don’t be quick to consider yourselves hopeless. There’s a lot of different ideas and advice out there that you can collect and apply. In other words, comb through some Internet pages and interior design magazines for a better understanding of what you’ll need to do. Some of your friends or colleagues might have done it themselves in the past. Ask around and ask for advice on how they would improve their experience. There are also a lot of great designers that can surely help you. They usually aren’t as expensive as people may think either.

Some ideas

From small places to big ones, there’s a huge variety of methods you can apply when designing a functional multipurpose room:

  • Living room/Library
    This is a great choice for your big readers out there. If you’ve collected loads of books throughout your life and have a story regarding every single one, we get it. You just can’t give them away or, worse yet, keep them hidden from the light of day. There must be a bare wall in your living room that is perfect for those must-reads.
  • Bedroom/Kid’s room
    You can afford to use a corner of your living room for some fun-loving kids. Just keep it tidy.
  • Kitchen/Dining room
    This is a classic that couldn’t be failed to mention.
  • Gym/Home office
    Work out while you’re working. However, you don’t have to go crazy with it. Bring in a treadmill and some weights to begin with.

You’ve managed to create a functional multipurpose room

Finally, it’s all over. All you have to do now is keep the room neat and in order. Enjoy your space, you’ve earned it.