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Mobile app development services include several technologies to form the best solutions. The mobile app world has a concept of Technology Stack. Whichever development process you follow, you have to include the complete robust technology stack. Technology stack decides the future of an application and software product. You can find app developers in California and ask them to proceed with a full tech stack to complete the application development process.

Know Mobile Development Technology Stack

The combination of programming languages and software products is known as a technology stack. It is used to create mobile applications. There are two separate software components, the client-side and server-side. The overall mobile application development can be divided into four different areas –

  • Backend development: This side is responsible for handling the backside of the application that takes the user input and executes it accordingly.
  • Frontend development: This is the side that interacts with the user and acts as the face of the application.
  • Development platform: The development platform has interfaces and libraries to perform design and development for mobile applications.
  • Additional: Performance, robustness, and security are the critical and crucial elements of technology.

Mobile Application Technology Layers

Full-time app developers are engaged in performing the best development processes. Mobile applications are giving new meaning to the future of applications. The experts know the business requirements and restrictions both. In this context, they have found the Mobile Application Technology Layers to suggest the best technology stack –

  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Data
  • Communication
  • Core and Server Logic
  • UI Build
  • Requirements Discovery
  • Web Services

You must select the most preferred and suitable programming languages, frameworks, and tools. The Tech stack should be cost-effective to get perfectly fit into your budget. There is a need to understand all the technical possibilities of various technology stacks. Mobile app development company provides services include all the constraints of the technology stacks. The entire thing depends upon the technology combination of your mobile application technologies as to how robust your app is. The selection of the right mobile app tech stack ensures the performance of the application.

Consider the factors

There are a few factors that should be considered while choosing the correct set of technologies and tools. The problem-solving efforts will ensure the best performance of the application. In this way, you need to answer a few questions like –

  • How to ensure security?
  • Can it deal with performance?
  • Get the best user experience.

The tech stack will ensure all the technical possibilities and constraints of various technologies. The factors can ensure the smooth flow –

  • Type of application

App consideration is important as you need to think like which device will support the functions perfectly. The network condition should comply with all the features and functions of applications. You must achieve the aimed user experience.

  • The application goal

There is a need to determine the goal of the application before choosing the correct tech stack. There will be definitely a stack difference based on the latency of the application. The mobile app technology stack will ensure the quick response of the application.

  • The parent of technology

Every technology of the stack has a parent company that plays an important role in deciding the most-suited tech stack. Some brands are known for their better community support. These brands are Microsoft, Google, and Adobe. They provide more advanced development options than the others.

  • Developers’ skills

Should be indulging in developing mobile applications with the special and preferred technology stack. Different frameworks and languages are meant to give the result. There are several factors that differentiate one app from another. Your development team should be acquainted with the technology and the relevant tech stack. The introduction of some alien technology will increase not only development efforts but also the cost.

  • Compatibility

Since mobile app development include several technologies, including one new tech stack can affect the overall development. The new technology should be compatible with the existing technologies. You must introduce a new one that is compatible with your existing technologies (used in the application development).

  • Security

Mobile app development technology should ensure the security of an application. They are meant to combat security threats. The security-related vulnerabilities should be handled perfectly. The technology you choose should be sufficiently documented.

Native App Technology Stack

If you are investing in Native App Development, it perfectly solves the matters. It ensures all the required performance and robustness of the application. Native apps allow the integration of all the in-built functionalities of the mobile application. There will be no need of calling an external third-party API.

  • Android Tech Stack
  • iOS Tech Stack

Hybrid App Technology Stack

CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5 like technologies are used in forming Hybrid apps. These apps are basically divided into two sections, namely backend and native shell. Hybrid apps are able to perform on multiple platforms. Cordova, Sencha Touch 2, and Ionic are the three frameworks that are used for the development.

Cross-platform App Tech Stack

iOS and Android applications may need some different development criteria. Cross-platform app development eases the task and there will be no need to develop separate applications. Thus, the businesses can cover a better demographic for the audience. There is another advantage of low development cost. With fewer development efforts, the app can be presented quickly.

Whichever tech stack you select, Hire the best mobile app development company will give you the best of it. Many constraints and considerations are there to be evaluated. Once you are done with all the evaluations, the tech stack selection will become so easy. Let Raindrops Infotech handle your worries related to tech stack selection and our developers are well-acquainted with all you need.

By Andy