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Everyone knows that gaming PCs are expensive. A good GPU alone will cost you the price of a Chromebook, so you can only imagine how much it costs when you start adding the other components. With that being said, it is still possible to have a fun experience even if you don’t have the latest machine with all the best specs. As long as you’re ready to make compromises here and there, you could get yourself a pretty nice machine on the cheap. Being patient and willing to chase deals could help as well. Here are some tips you can follow to save money on your PC gaming setup.

Buy a Desktop

If you’re on a budget but can’t sacrifice performance, buy a desktop instead of a laptop. This is the only way to get something with an upper mid-tier or elite GPU with loads of RAM and high-quality SSD storage for an affordable price. Another advantage of a desktop is that you can start with low specs and build it up as you get the money for better components.

Buy Used Whenever You Can

You can buy everything from GPUs to RAM to computer screens used, so if you’re on a limited budget and don’t mind buying things second-hand, then we suggest that you look for used items that you could add to your setup. Second-hand monitors are an especially great deal, and you could easily find some in local classified sites or even garage sales.

Don’t Buy Equipment Branded for Gaming

Some gaming chairs and accessories are nothing but regular peripherals and office furniture with a snazzy logo on them. The same goes for gaming laptops. In most cases, you could get by with something regular instead as long as it has the specs and performance you need. Unless you’re an elite player, you don’t need to have the best, most expensive gaming mouse out there. All you need is a wired mouse that is comfortable and precise. If you’re looking for an affordable mouse that would be perfect for gaming, check out these lightweight Lenovo mice.

Be Conservative with the Graphics Card

Some people will not even dare to call a machine a gaming PC if it doesn’t have a GeForce 30 series card at the very least, but you shouldn’t turn your nose up at a machine if it has a later edition 20 series cards. If you’re still perfectly fine with playing games on 1080p and don’t play games that use ray tracing, then you could still get by with something like an RTX 2060 series card. You also have things like DLSS that will extend the lifespan of plenty of these cards. So, do a bit more research if you notice that a machine has a 20 series card, as it might be more than enough to handle most of your needs now and in the short-term.

As you can see, there are tons of things that you can do to keep your costs to a minimum when buying a gaming PC. Take the time to look at all your options and don’t be afraid to do a little bit of work to make savings.

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