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If you are looking for the best mac cleaning software for Mac, CCleaner is one of the best apps to scan and clean all unnecessary files from Mac. This software removes all types of files that slow down your Mac and clears your browsing history. With the simple interface, you can select where to scan and view the type and number of items the scan detected before they are deleted. It basically gives you the best mac storage cleaner features for Mac in the small and compact program.

What is CCleaner for Mac?

What is CCleaner

It’s a utility tool that will keep your Mac optimized by removing the unwanted files to run your Mac efficiently. It will remove all the temporary files, cache from internet browser and broken system permissions.

In addition to it, it will do some file cleaning things from your hard disk and uninstall software that you don’t need any more in your Mac.

What CCleaner Do?

After uninstalling any application or surfing on website leaves some files on your hard drive, called Cookies, and there are several reasons that you should get rid of them. Apart from the information, cookies are also used to save long-term records of individuals browsing histories, and they might used to disrupt or impersonate legitimate users requests to websites.

  • Privacy Protection- It keeps cookies and Javascript, that collect during web browsing, it will remove on a regular basis. This feature can help in preventing tracking by ad networks to make your browsing a little more secure.

  • Cleaning Your Mac- It helps to find and remove junk files that are already stored in your system. Those junk files are already using the space in your hard drive. This feature will clean up your old Mac OS updates, unused languages packs, temporary images, and trash bin(they aren’t always empty.
  • System Permissions- When a program is crashing or acting strangely, it sometimes due to access settings in the system permissions being wrong. CCleaner will fix the broken system permissions on your Mac, which is good to do before upgrading to your operating system.
Run Cleaner

The software will first run an analysis on your Mac and recommend the course of action that it should take, during the cleaning process. You can modify what you want to do, but it usually makes the right decisions, and you can trust to do the cleaning that it recommends and click “Run Cleaner”.

Features of CCleaner For Mac

When you open CCleaner software in Mac, you will get 2 options- Analyze and Run Cleaner, and a long list of cleaning options which includes: internet cache, internet history, cookies,download history, Safari session, system trash, recent documents, recent applications, recent servers, recent places, logs, directory service cache, user downloads, font registry cache, unneeded languages, system applications, and user applications.

Select any cleanup options as you want and click on the Analyze button to see the details of files to be removed. The tool will tell you how many files it can be removed for you and how much disk space will be free. Once you are ready, click on the “Run Cleaner” button to remove files from the hard drive.

Features of CCleaner For Mac

Don’t worry, this software won’t break anything, however, it is advisable to have a backup of the important files. We would recommend you to run the best disk cleaner app, CCleaner for Mac every week.

CCleaner Versions for Mac

  • Free Verison- It can keep your Mac running fast and get rid of all cookies leftover by websites.

  • Professional Version- It will do the same thing, but it includes automatic updates, real-time monitoring, and premium support.

Pros and Cons

Certain mac storage cleaner software has some pros and cons, however, this software has also certain limitations, find out how.


  • Category organization- When you try to select items to scan or view your scanned results, items in the software interface are well organized by categories. It means you can find what you are trying to look quickly, and know exactly what you are looking at when you browse through the scan results.
  • Uninstall Panel- Apart from the scanner and cleaner, it features an Uninstall Panel that will remove your unused programsfrom your Mac. You have to select the program that you want to get rid of and click the “Uninstall” button and CCleaner will take care of the rest.


  • No Individual Selection- Once you have selected the areas that you want to scan, you can’t deselect items in the scan results. If the program comes back with the files, you’re not able to delete them and you will again have to uncheck the entire category and run the scan again before you proceed further for the deletion process.

The bottom line is, CCleaner is a smooth-running Mac optimization software that helps your Mac run as efficiently as possible. Safety is the main concern when choosing the software like this. We would recommend users to download the free version of CCleaner software and if you have any suggestions or any other mac cleaning software, feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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