5 Best Hairstyles Men Can Wear During the Party Season

Men hairstyles are aplenty and choosing the best ones shouldn’t be a problem as you have a wide variety of some of the coolest hairstyles at your disposal. However, when it comes to parties and special events, you should be a bit choosy as everyone will be looking at you and you will have to look your best. So, before you have your next party planned, it is better that you check out some of the best hairstyles for men listed hair that can catch all eyes towards you at the next event.

  1. Slick And High Shine Hairstyle

Sophisticated, smart and highly popular right now, this hairstyle complements formal attire and sharp suits to perfection. Many similar hairstyles can be found easily at menshairstyleslist.com and you really have a lot of variations to style your hair in.

The shiny effect can be achieved by apply some pomade or styling cream on your towel-dried or completely dry hair. Afterwards, your desired hairstyle can be sculpted with the help of a comb. And, if you are able to style it properly, it will really look amazing and beautiful.

One thing to keep in mind here is that styling products can all have different impact on your hairstyle according to the type and length of hair you have. So, be careful with that. High shine styling products are perfect for classic pompadours or short back/sides hairstyles.

  1. Wet Look Hairstyle

Now if you want to take it up a notch from the use of shining products, the wet look hairdos always have a better sheen and you can wear them in variety of different styles as well.

The finish we are talking about hair can best be achieved by roughly towel-drying the hair and achieving the look you want to wear. Afterwards, you can simply apply the styling product for getting that wet look that you have adored to achieve. Once applied, just leave it and it will set itself naturally. The effect, especially, looks great on the shorter hairstyles and a great choice for you would be to go with a classic side part. You can also comb the hair straight back to have that super-slick look.

For some additional hold, you always have the option to try some hairspray for reinforcing some structure.

  1. Curly/Wavy Hairstyle

Giving you a perfect balance of refined and rugged look, curly/wavy hairstyle is what you need to have somewhat of a beautiful textural finish.

You can achieve a curly style in so many different ways. For naturally straight hair, you possibly create curls with some small GHD stylers. When working with dry hair, you need to take it in small sections and pull your straightener down working it through from root area and make sure that you rotate the styler along the way.

Once a good curly look is achieved, run the hands through so that it can loosen up a bit in every section and the hair doesn’t look unnaturally tight.

On the contrary, if your hair is naturally wavy, you will definitely not have to work that hard for achieving that curly finish. Try to use some curl-enhancer from your hair roots to the tip and then blow the hair dry using diffuser on high heat and low speed setting.

  1. Dramatic Contrasts

If you have always wanted a more dramatic look on special events and parties, it is a good idea to clipper the sides and back tight to your head and leave length only on top. This really is an eye-catching contrast that will make your disconnected haircut look too contemporary and trendy at the same time. If you want to make your own unique statement this Christmas or the party at New Year’s Eve then this is the look you should be after.

The hairstyle can be achieved in so many different styles. You can go natural, soft or super slick, whatever you like. However, it is recommended that you should have something more disheveled and textured that actually befits the edgy and modern haircut we have at hand.

Don’t forget to ask your stylish or barber to take weight off the thicker hair your have with the help of razor while you are having a haircut.

  1. Big And Long Hairstyles

Long hair have always been a perfect choice when it comes to making a statement in the party season. Your best options here would be maxed-out pompadour and quiff hairstyles as they have a perfectly stylish vibe to them.

For achieving that perfectly desirable look, blow dry your hair first as you brush it away from the face with vent brush. It won’t just make the hair look and feel smoother but will also help in achieving maximum volume. After that, apply a styling powder to roots of your hair for stiffening it up a bit and getting the desired support. Eventually, you can use strong hold sprays for setting up your show-stopper to perfection. Remember to have a haircut according to your face shape as it will make or break the entire look.

So, these 5 best hairstyles are what you need to go with for this party season and you’ll definitely be able to make your unique style statement. All eyes will be on you so make sure that you style it to perfection.

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