Artificial Intelligence

Want to beat the fierce competition for AI specialists in Silicon Valley? Companies there feel a twinge of envy for each other and to get an edge over their counterparts, they integrate AI into their products and services in newer ways. To be ahead in this race, they need human jobs to utilize the technology to the fullest.

This context unlocks the endless opportunities for the AI specialists with a strong resume showcasing their skills. How their resume should be, what are the must-have skills for a strong AI resume, how can they use human brain power- such questions need to be addressed by the AI job seekers.

A compelling AI resume is a necessity to land a job in the hot AI market. Right employers always value the strong resume. The below information will help you keep your resume in top shape before the next recruiter or hiring manager sees it.

Essential skills for a strong artificial intelligence resume:

1. Python, R, Java, C, and C++ look good on your resume

Python, Java, C, and C++ are the high-level object-oriented programming languages and must for AI specialization. By any chance, if your background is from statistical data science or non-engineering, start learning these languages- from fundamental learning to their use in AI. Also, gain some knowledge of server-side languages such as JSP, PHP, ASP, Perl or Ruby as it comes in handy for AI career.

It’s not a rocket-science to master these languages. Explore online tutorials, project-based practice, online certification courses, etc. to get a holds on programming languages. Ultimately, the more languages featured on your resume, higher the chances of your CV being shortlisted for an AI job.

2. Do you know machine learning?

Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and iterative self-learning is very much possible with it. With AI as the new hot, recruiters just love the professionals with machine learning knowledge. Most of the companies integrate AI & machine learning in their business intelligence plan and with adequate knowledge of machine learning; you can easily impress the employers.

Pursuing machine learning online course with immense exposure to live projects is always vital for you. Certification in machine learning can remarkably boost your AI career graph.

3. Core AI skills that you need to display

Do you know about the technological underpinnings of AI? Are words like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Fuzzy Logic, Cognitive Computing, Neutral Networks, APIs, Enterprise Security Architecture, and Data Analysis & Search Technologies your cup of tea? Even if you have command over one of these tools, it will take you closer towards landing a job in artificial intelligence. The applications offered by these tools help businesses solve different problems. Learn these tools online and make your way easier to an AI job. Needless to say, the professionals with knowledge of these tools become successful in AI job interviews- the facts say so.

A mix of proficiency in data management, programming, business development and other relevant technological tools can win you the AI interview battle. Just maintain the balance between the knowledge of in-demand skills and work experience with different disciplines of computer science and inch closer towards your desired AI job.

4. Can you display AI-Engineering, Physics & Robotics on your resume?

Being a science student, you study physics and other engineering applications the most to expand your knowledge base, if engineering is your prime career choice. The new-age engineering is all about AI and other emerging technologies. You should have traits of AI-based learning of math, logic, and engineering. Without specific knowledge about AI, you cannot get into an AI job. Your conventional engineering knowledge helps nowhere in AI.

Nowadays, robots driven by AI help the industries a lot by shedding off human labor. In such a scenario, a robotics certification can be a crucial credential to your resume. The professionals, who can work across platforms & technologies of a company, are mostly given the offer letters by the recruiters. Take a deep breath and analyze the current AI needs of businesses and become a fit to fill that need gap. Always remain up-do-date with the trending AI technologies to keep your resume updated.

5. You should have coding expertise

AI engineers or specialists should acquire technical know-how of creating, maintaining, and fixing tools and software programs. You need to cope up with the advancing technological realities in data-driven insights with adequate knowledge about open-source framework, data understanding, computing platforms, and programming languages & coding. Different AI platforms need different skill set and you need to ace them all to get a job. For example, insightful knowledge of architecture is needed for Tens flow open source library, whereas Microsoft Azure needs know-how of machine learning, Python or Custom R coding, and cloud operations. You need to be an all-rounder to fit the AI-dominating job environment.

AI is a technology which makes a machine smarter and more intelligent. Its root is engineering and computer science education on AI resume makes it stronger and more impactful.

Final Words

Of course, technical skills on your resume are mandatory to land a good AI job but you cannot ignore the written and verbal communication skills. You need these skills also to convey how the industrial processes are going to get benefitted with AI tools and software designed by you.

Go places with a strong AI resume after learning the much-needed programs and technologies you need to get a job in AI. You can enroll for the weekend and part-time online programs to master these skills.