It is well understood that the dreams and aspirations of each individual are entirely subjective to their own needs, but if there is one common thing we want to tick off our lists, it’s having a house of our own. It is a significant moment in everyone’s life, and when achieved, one puts their heart and soul into making that house a home. There are many different ways to do this, and for that, you require your decor and items like cushion cover, lights, etc., to come together and form an aesthetically pleasing space.

A common mistake many make when decorating their house is being careless with the cushion cover. It may not seem like much at first, but choosing the right cushion cover can be the missing piece in the puzzle that’s your home decor. You can put your cushions to use in a lot of experts suggested ways, just simple tips and tricks that will elevate your space and here are 8 of the best ones:

1. Colour Scheme: It can be tempting to go all out and pick out matching cushion covers with bed sheets, sofas, etc. However, instead, please select a colour palette and stick with it to bring out the best of all worlds.

2. Materials: The classic cushion cover material would be cotton, but it wouldn’t hurt to try other materials like silk, suede, or similar to give your room a slight edge.

3. Arrangements: You can either keep your cushions haphazardly thrown about and keep them in easy but appealing arrangements. You can, of course, never go wrong with the classics.

4. Designs: Colours are important, but it’s just as important to focus on patterns. Make sure to find a balance between prints and solids for a sophisticated look.

5. Purpose: Think about what you are going to be using these cushions for. If they are not just for decorative uses, it is essential to pick out durable and comfortable cushion covers.

6. Numbers: One thing to remember about cushions is, there can never be enough of them. Cushions are one of the best ways to enhance your interiors economically, so place some on your chairs, sofas as well as beds.

7. Shapes: A classic square cushion is undoubtedly a great option, but there are many, many in the market worth taking a look at. Straying from the usual shape and size to a large variety can help you find your ideal cushions.

8. Textures: Minimalistic solids are a widely preferred option, but a touch of dramatic textures can only add elegance. Textures will add depth to any room and make it look lived in, giving off a welcoming vibe that will go down perfectly with guests.

Cushions and their cushion cover are not the focus of most rooms, but they can be just prominent enough to make a massive difference. Get yourself some stylish pieces from Myntra’s cushion cover collection and switch up your interior game. This range of high quality, chic cushion covers are bound to increase the appeal of your decor, so start shopping!

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