Virtual Escape Room

The concept of escape rooms became a hit after launched in 2006. At present, almost in most countries, escape rooms are available. With the growth of technology and the increasing need for escape room experience in people, the concept of virtual escape rooms came into the scene.

People have hugely accepted this concept, and more people started getting involved in the virtual escape room experience. Let’s take a deep dive to understand how technology can reshape the escape room concept.


Technology plays a main role in the whole virtual escape room concept. Any intriguing story can be picked up from the internet after research. That story can be easily changed by you and made into escape room content. Using your creativity, you can put in several twists and turns, triggers, and riddles that can turn into a complicated puzzle for people to solve.

Technology also made connecting with people easier. This will maintain the grip of the puzzle as more and more people will keep participating. Marketing about the escape room is also an important factor which will make more people know about it.

Virtual Escape Room On The Go

It is not necessary to be in a locked room to experience the virtual escape rooms. You can create a story that can make the players step outside from their room while playing virtually. The GPS system will play an important part while setting up such a story. Tasks, riddles, rules, themes, and more can be set up according to the different places.

As we can remember, the craze of Pokemon Go which was made on the same virtual concept, people will be excited to experience the concept of escape rooms too in this kind of setup.

Horror Story Sells

Horror is a genre in which people want to give their time to feel the scary ambiance and thrill. Most of the escape room concepts are based on the scary factor. The fear drives the engagement of people in escape rooms. It is also the fear of the villain which keeps the clients on their edge. Whenever it comes to this kind of gameplay, fear is the highest-selling emotion in which people would like to invest their money and time.

If the story is based on fear, then incredible attention from the players will be gained.

In Indoor

The indoor virtual escape room setup is one of the easiest. As technology plays most of the roles, the person has to be indoor and would be able to access the virtual room. By this, they can have the experience without stepping out of the house. With the help of the social media community, the players would be able to interact with each other.

Interaction with Common Objects

As virtual escape rooms can’t take you to a perfect escape room location, access to things in a mystery room is unavailable. In this scenario, the player has to use the accessible items in the office or house to maintain the flow of the virtual story. Sometimes, living beings like cats, dogs, etc., also can be used.

Use the Fame

The concept of a virtual escape room saves a lot on furniture and other equipment which are necessary for a physical escape room. Your imagination can be vast, as you didn’t have to think about the expense. The famous stories, controversies, or happenings are the kinds of stuff that people connect more with, which can be used to build up your story.

QR Code

The trend of using QR codes is at a height and will increase more day by day. With the issue of a QR Code, it will easier for the participants to connect and access the virtual escape room. With the support of QR Codes, new happenings, paths, rules, events can be added to the story.

Brain Factor

The whole virtual scenario gives you an opportunity to create a story and puzzle, which will be more brain-consuming. Due to the gameplay in a virtual arena, people would love to chase their brains and use their heads to unlock the mysteries. Adventure and thrill can be served in a brainy way.

Simulator Theme

The theme of simulation control will be new and more engaging for the players as there are not many virtual escape rooms that have adapter this gameplay feature. The simulation theme will make the player have a feel of doing things with his own hands. This will serve them more originality and more engagement which will make them stick to this method.

Movie Adaptation

Many movies out there have adventure, thrill, mystery, fear, and escaping the box feeling, which is quite famous among people. This type of movie story can be adapted for a virtual escape room. The engagement of people will increase as they will be able to connect with their favorite character and sometimes fulfilling one’s fantasy to be in the shoes of a fantasy character.

Sound Of the Escape Room

Whenever gameplay deals with thrill, fear, mystery, and adventure, music plays a huge role in enhancing the ambiance and in making the players dive deep into the game. The perfect sounds can increase the contestant’s involvement in the game. The concept and the sound of gameplay are something that goes hand in hand. The top-notch delivery of good concepts and music will make the escape room successful.

There are many positive factors of the virtual escape rooms, and one of them is that the physical work becomes less. On the contrary, you need to focus more on your thought process for the concept build-up. Eventually, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in your hard work. Without hard work and creativity, success in the field of escape rooms can’t be achieved. Engaging people virtually is not an easy job, but it is achievable by offering a quality product. If you can give them one of the best virtual escape rooms experience, people are bound to pay attention to your concept.

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