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Whether it’s about a valentine celebration, birthday party, anniversary celebration or you are just looking for a luxurious gift, chocolates are on the top of the list. And when its craving hits, nothing else can satisfy our taste buds. Chocolates play a vital role in our lives. It takes people closer and its taste and aroma glorify any occasion.

If you get confused about gifting someone on any occasion, it would be best to buy a chocolate gift candy box, because everyone loves chocolate and it sparks love, and affection.

Apart from being delicious, chocolate has many health benefits and also acts as a mood booster. In this article, we will show you a glimpse of the world’s tastiest chocolate desserts, which you would want to devour on right away.

Here is the list of the top 10 chocolate desserts around the globe -:

  • Pain Au Chocolat

It is very similar to chocolate croissants. This mouth-watering dessert is made with yeasted puff pastry dough, which is wrapped around the chocolate stick. It can be served hot as well as warm, depending on your taste.

  • Brigaderio

It’s an authentic Brazillian dessert that is like a bonbon and extremely scrumptious. It was discovered in 1940 by Heloísa Nabuco de Oliveira. It’s a very famous dessert in Brazil and Portugal and is widely served in birthday parties and wedding receptions.

Its major ingredients are condensed milk, cocoa, butter, and chocolate sprinkles. All the ingredients are mixed and heated in the pan or the microwave until the mixture tends to melt. And after giving rest for a few minutes, the small chocolate balls are rolled out of the mixture and garnished with chocolate granules.

  • Kladdkaka

It’s a Swedish chocolate cake, which is very similar to American brownies. It’s very soft from inside and a little crispy from outside. This cake is made up of eggs, cocoa powder, butter, and sugar. The Kladdkaka cake is extremely dense and rich in flavor. Typically, Swedish people dust it with fine powder sugar and eat it during Fika (a traditional coffee break), which is an important part of Swedish culture.

  • Churros Con Chocolate

Churros Con Chocolate is the famous dessert of Spain. Churros are light, airy, and crispy fried dough pastries, which are served with thick hot chocolate ( or chocolate sauce). Most of the people prefer to eat cold Churros that are coated with cinnamon sugar instead of having hot because cold Churros are chewier than a warm one. But if you like to enjoy more crispy Chorros then you should go for fresh hot Churros.

  • Soufflé Au Chocolat

It’s one of the most popular desserts in France. This classic French creation combines dark chocolate, creamy yolk base, and fluffy egg white into a luscious dessert. Its exterior part is quite crunchy, whereas it’s velvety soft from inside. It is always baked at a moderate temperature to maintain the softness in the central part.

  • Spicy Hot Chocolate

Mexican hot chocolate is the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Its main ingredients are star anise, cinnamon, and Mexican chocolate powder. It is the same as the usual hot chocolate but has a little kick of spices. Some people also add almond milk, vanilla powder nutmeg to enhance its taste. You should try this spicy and sweet hot chocolate to treat your taste buds.

  • Sacher torte Cake

It was discovered in Australia in 1832 by chef Franz Sacher. Its chocolate sponge cake, which is made with three chocolate layers and apricot preserves. The whole cake is iced with the velvety chocolate mixture and served with whipped cream.

Instead of giving chocolate gift candy baskets, you can consider a gift pack of Pain Au Chocolat, Brigaderio, or Kladdkaka to make your present even more special.

The Bottom Line

If you are a chocolate lover and want to satisfy your chocolate cravings, then you must try the above lovely desserts.

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