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In today’s date, the mobile apps plays a vital role to build a successful business. As the apps are very easily accessible through smart phones and quite user friendly, it’s always beneficial to have a mobile app for the businesses.

mobile app for the businessesThe easier it gets for a customer to use an app, it’s not that easy to build an app for the users that can attract as well as fulfill their requirements. To achieve the goal, you need to hire the best app developers to do your job efficiently and can help you achieve you primary goal. Just like any other business there is so many app developers in the market currently and to choose the best one among them that is the most suitable for your business you need to keep a few basic requirements in mind before deciding on one.

Here’s a list of top 15 questions that you might want to ask before proceeding with one for your business.

  • Ranking Of The Apps built by Them In The Past

Before investing on a company you need to be sure about their credibility and capabilities. For this nothing is better than actually going through their previous works. So ask them to show you a few apps that they have built previously. Even though their expertise should always be kept in mind but it’s always better to know about their actual experience.

Always keep a company’s portfolio and the customer feedbacks before hiring them. If you find positive feedbacks and a good portfolio then the company is likely to be more reliable. At the same time try to search the apps by them in stores to check their rank in App store and know if they have been featured before.

  • Try To Know About Their Past Work

The best way to know about the reliability of the concerned company is by accruing knowledge about their past work. Ask the company that you are willing to work with to share a few apps that are built by them in the past. For instance, you may ask them if they could bring the best result and if the company was able to meet their expectations or not.

If possible ask the company to provide the details of the apps that belongs from the same fields as yours. The feedback from the app from the same industry as yours will make the feedback more relevant to you. At the same time, ask them how the company dealt with pressure and deadline in the past and how their communication was with their clients throughout the process.

How they were in the past can give you a better insight about how profitable it is for you to work with them.

  • Their Regular App Development Process

Before proceeding with the company try to learn about the stages they go through at the time of development. Their signature process should match your needs. A reliable ideal company would always use an Agile Development Methodology.

  • Services Included In The Development Package

Before introducing the app in the market, user experience of the application must be considered. Before proceeding with the concerned agency make sure they provide Beta Testing services that are an essential requirements before the app is launched.

  • The Platforms App Developers Are Intending To Build The Application

The success of any app depends on the platform that the app is available on. Before proceeding, ask them on which platform (iOS or Android) the company will first work on. Make sure they prioritize the platform based on your business plan and needs. At the same time make sure if, they are experienced in both iOS and Android. Covering both the platforms will always be in your business’ best interest.

  • Consideration Of Your Feedback and Involvement During The Process

Try to know if they will consider your feedback during the project. You can easily track the progression of the project with the developer’s team frequently. Make sure to set the frequency when you need the progression update. Fix a day of the week when you’ll like to hear from the team. A communication chain between you and the agency need to be formed for conveying key points.

  • Try To Know If They Have Any Post Launch Services

Try to know if they provide any post-launch services along with the other pre-launch ones. Even after the app goes live, their might be some bugs or problems that might needed to be fixed later. So, make sure if they provide the services and if they have any hidden additional charges for that. For a reliable ideal agency there shouldn’t be any hidden charges for the bug fixing after the app goes live.

  • Fee And The Mode Of The Payment

Before choosing the agency keep your budget in mind. Make sure you are not compromising with the quality for the price. Before signing the deal discuss and come to an agreement regarding all the aspects of the project mutually. At the same time, be sure about the mode of payment and its frequency; if it’s a onetime payment or you can pay in installments.

  • Deadline Of The Project And Its Stages

Discuss about the deadline of the project and its stages individually beforehand. From the 1st prototype of the project till the first version of the app, every step must have a fixed deadline as per both the party’s convenience. It helps to track the project and confirm a prospective date for the app launch.

  • How Willing Are They For Suggested Changes From Your Side

While dealing with them, try to know how willing they are for some changes that you suggest at any point of the project. At times, the features that seems to be perfect at the initial stages or in the prototype tends to seem negligible after a few stages. So always be sure how willing the company is for these kind of changes.

  • Their Understanding About Your Business And Customers

Before associating with an agency make sure they have sound knowledge about the requirements of your business and its market. In case they don’t have profound knowledge about your target market they won’t be able to make the app that will be suitable for your target customers and market.

  • User Experience and Design Principles in App Developer

While developing an app; the developers must keep the user experience and designs in mind. Irrespective of how good the app features might be, if the app lacks in design and UX department your app is most likely to fall behind in the market.

A good developer will always be able to develop an aesthetically pleasing app that will be a joy to use.

  • How Will They Measure The success Of Your App

Before you start with them, try to know how they will track about the success of your app. The developers must ask about your idea and your target to know your requirement. In this way it’ll be better for them to set a goal and act according to it. Make sure to utilize KPI and metrics to be sure that goals are measurable.

  • Owner Of The Code

Before proceeding you have to be absolutely clear about the code through documentation to avoid any kind of issues in future.

  • The Skill Of The Workers

When working on a project with an agency make sure they have workers that are skilled and updated enough. There days all apps are likely to be formatted updated well as to perform better than others in the market. So at times it’s needed for you to know about the skill and capability of the assigned workers for your application.

skill and capability


When it comes to launch an effective app, one need to keep a lot more than just budget and deadline before deciding on the agency you are to work with. While choosing the developers the first thing you need to make sure is; that they have sound knowledge about your requirements and your target market.

The developers need to have the required technical expertise, good communication, knowledge about your customer and market, and accountability.

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