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Live video streaming has been trending over the internet ever since its existence. With each passing year, more and more brands are opting for live streaming solutions to leverage. With the latest advancements in technology and the availability of live video service on smartphones, live video streaming has become more popular. Live streaming has become the core of marketing strategies in the current digital era that help brands or an organization to reach a larger audience base around the globe. Almost every social media app has tried to inculcate live video streaming services into their platform that helps brands to expand their reach and reach their potential target audiences without any geographical restrictions.

Periscope was the first app that offers live video streaming services to its user’s way back in 2014. Facebook, Instagram &YouTube walked into the same gateway and become the popular live video streaming provider by 2019.

Live video streaming has become a top-notch marketing tool for marketers for making their brand visible. Live video services allow brands to expand their pan presence in strategic marketing dynamics.

Live Streaming allows the brand and its customers to connect on an emotional level through real-time interactions, resulting in brand loyalty. Since the advent of live video streaming, big brands have shown interest in the same. It has even helped various brands to establish themselves and became the sensations in their particular sector.

A buffering, inaudible and obscure live streams fail to grab the audience’s attention, resulting in a waste of time and effort. No brand wants to lose its loyal fan base while delivering an ambiguous message to its customers. Professional live streaming is a must for delivering the on-point brand message while attracting a large sum of audiences worldwide. A professional live video streaming does not cost much financially but has more to give in return. High-quality video content with a clear message gets more clicks and likes, leveraging the brand and boosting sales leads.

Let’s have a look at some key points for building a professional live video streaming:

  1. Evaluate the space beforehand, from where you plan to stream live

The area plays a major role when a brand plans its live video streaming sessions. A clear background is a must that allows the audience to connect with the live streams, as distorted backgrounds create an imbalance in the videos.

A glaring and non-disturbing background does not divert the audience’s attention from the message which is being delivered by the brand. Surroundings and the background of an event plays a crucial role and is used by brands as a tool of advertising which helps in polished delivery of live streams. Evaluate the space beforehand for building a professional live video streaming for a brand. High-quality videos require bulky equipment to deliver optimal results, looking for the place beforehand, allows the easy placement of such equipment at right angles, preventing the hassle at the time of live video streaming.

  1. High-quality equipment helps in professional live streaming

The potential of professional high-quality equipment cannot be beaten with smartphones. With the advancement in technology, high-quality video and audio recording has been inbuilt in smartphones nowadays. But nothing can beat the professional equipment that delivers an ultrasonic experience through live streams to the audience around the world.

For building a professional live streaming session of a brand, all you need is a good camera for clear video quality and an audio recording system to deliver exceptional results. 

  1. Take the right use of light

Lighting can make your live stream fail or gain success. Lighting conditions play a crucial role when we talk about live video streaming. The right use of lighting helps in achieving optimal results. Always ensure do not turn your back from the light while streaming live. The light coming from behind gives the impression of darkness, making live streams more of a horror film shots. If possible try using direct sunlight while streaming during day time as it will make the object appear brighter in the videos. Opting for artificial lights can be another alternate while streaming live videos, once it turns dark outside.

  1. Invest your best in camera 

These are the lenses through which you will display yourself in front of the whole world. Investing in a top-quality camera is the right move by any brand, as it allows you to deliver your audiences a clear video and make your live streams look professional. There are ample recording devices available in the market, but webcam, DSLR and a video camcorder hit the top charts.

A recording device that is capable of capturing video in 1080p 30fps quality will benefit any brand’s live stream with its crystal clear outlook. There are various top-selling brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. which sell high-quality products that help in making live videos look worth the time.

  1. Check the sound quality for making videos better

Better sound quality will comprehend the live video streams. Opting for an inbuilt mic is a big no when a brand plans to stream live. Choosing an external mic will enhance the quality of your audio during your live streams. There are various audio recording options available in the market, choose the best that suits your pocket and deliver optimal results.

  1. Choose the right live video streaming platform 

Selecting the right professional live streaming platform is the major step that allows you to interact with your target audiences and promote your brand. Deciding the live stream platform entirely depends on your brand. For eg- If your brand revolves around the gen-next, opting for Instagram Live will serve your purpose as gen Z is majorly found on the trending social media app.

  1. A proper internet connectivity

A strong internet connection that has a higher bandwidth allows brands to live stream on social media platforms. It can hold a large sum of audiences easily while delivering a non-buffering live video streaming experience.

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