B.Tech Admission

If you wish to build things from scratch, getting into an engineering programme seems to be an excellent choice. Engineering is a specialised industry with lucrative career options after graduation. B.Tech is one of the popular degrees for engineering. You get a lot of branches to choose from leading to a lot of confusion. Knowing details beforehand will help you select the best branch for B.Tech admission.

Engineering is the concept of applying scientific theory and practical knowledge to design, plan, conceptualize and analyze the technological solutions. It covers a variety of fields and specialities. Bachelors of Technology is a four-year UG programme. In India, several colleges and universities offer admission to B.Tech courses based on an entrance exam. This UG programme is a gateway to a career in engineering. The course is designed to develop the technical skills of candidates who wish to secure a job in technical and development sector.

You have just passed from high school and are confused about what B.Tech course to choose. Yes, it is really a pain. Spending several years in college and securing the degree is a long wait. Hence, it is essential to make sure that all is worth the time. It will help if you make a decision only after collecting details such as top courses, B.Tech fees and eligibility.


In India, colleges and universities put forward specific requirements for engineering aspirants that they need to fulfil for applying for admission. You need to complete your class 12 with a minimum score specified by the university. Often students randomly apply for the branch without even checking the eligibility leading to rejection.

Top Branches

Engineering courses have always been the most popular UG courses in India. The most usual doubt among the engineering aspirants is about the branch to choose for B.Tech. The interest and aptitude for the field of engineering is something that really matters.

Computer Science Engineering

In today’s world, we are stepping up towards the computerization and upgrading our social as well as professional life. Computer Science Engineering is one of the most desired disciplines in engineering courses. It comprises the design and comprehending of computational processes and programming languages.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

This branch of engineering comprises the study of a variety of technology. Engineers in the EEE field are responsible for designing, testing and developing the production of electrical equipment. You will get to work in steel factories, railways and other government or private sector after graduation.

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering applies engineering, physics, and materials science principles to design, analyse, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering comprising design, production and operation of machinery.

Civil Engineering

One of the oldest and finest engineering branches, civil engineering involves designing, development, construction, supervision of tunnels, roads, buildings etc.

Aerospace Engineering

It is the most demanding and stimulating career option. Aspirants who wish to learn about missiles, satellites and aircraft usually go for Aerospace Engineering. This branch of engineering deals with the development of new technology in the aviation, space and defence systems.

B.Tech Fees

Nothing comes without a price. Getting details about the B.Tech fees for the preferred branch will help you with admission. In India, the average fees for Bachelors of Technology are INR 40,000-INR 50,000 per annum. The fee will vary as per the college.

Besides the swamp of fields to specialize in, Engineering is in great demand in the global market. There are a plethora of opportunities for you waiting after graduation. You need to opt for the best college for the preferred branch of engineering for a successful engineering career. B.Tech admission is the first step towards making a career in the field of engineering. There is a lot more in your way after graduation.

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