Beautiful City

Are you looking to move to the Middle East or visit? The Middle East has a ton of beautiful cities where you can start a new life. Because of the number of places, it can be hard to choose the best one for you. So before you sell your current home and buy a new one, read about the most beautiful cities in the Middle East. Let’s see what cities in the Middle East have to offer! 

Let’s explore one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East – Jubail 

The first city on our list is Jubail in Saudi Arabia. This city has the opportunities of an enormous city with the comfort of a small town. Let’s see what you can get if you move to Jubail. 

  • Jubail is one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East because of its location. Jubail is right on the Persian Gulf, so you can always go out and spend the day on the beach and swim in the ocean. The most popular beaches in Jubail are Al Fanateer Beach and Al Nakheel Beach. 
  • The second thing that makes Jubail distinct is the two-part of Jubail. Let’s first talk about old Jubail known as Al-Jubail. This area of Jubail was a fishing willing until the development of the second part of Jubail, Jubail Industrial City. While Al-Jubail and Jubail Industrial City offer a modern life, Jubail Industrial City has a contemporary design. And if you are an expatriate, you will find more people like yourself in the Jubail Industrial City, living in compounds. So if you want to be in a more comfortable environment, let Four Winds KSA handle your international relocation to Jubail. They have over 40 years of experience and have encountered any moving problem and can deal with them fast and hassle-free. 
  • The third thing that makes Jubail stand out is the people. They gladly welcome newcomers to Jubail and are ready to help them accommodate the new way of life. But to make things easier for yourself, you might want to read up on Arabic culture and Islam. 


The second entry in our article is Dubai. Dubai is another city on the Persian Gulf with the same fishing roots as Jubail. The metropolis started booming in the mid-60s when they discovered oil in their water. The discovery of oil brought in many foreign workers, and the population of Dubai grew exponentially. But oil was only a spark that ignited the enormous economic burst. 

The second reason Dubai got rich fast was because of Jebel Ali port. The Jebel Ali is in a free economic zone that offers many benefits from taxes to trading. 

And the third reason is that they fully embraced their new wealth and turned it into a desirable tourist destination for the affluent. About 85% of Dubai’s population are foreigners, while 15% are natives. The development of many economic sectors made Dubai rich and will continue to do it. 

The sights

There are many things to do in Dubai, let’s talk about some of them. 

  • The first thing you have to check out is the Burj Kalifa. Burj Kalifa is the highest building built by humans at 828-meters, and we did it in only six years. And you can have a tour of it you only have to book it in advance. You can also visit the Dubai Fountain located on the tower. 
  • The second thing to check out is the Global Village. Global Village is an event that encompasses cultures from over 90 countries in one spot. And Dubai welcomes new countries each year to showcase the best of their cultures on kiosks in Global Village. 
  • You can just walk around and take in the futuristic design of the city and eat in one of the many Michelin star restaurants. 

Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East 

The final entry in our article is Jerusalem. Jerusalem is known as one of the oldest cities and is a holy place to three major religions Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is a place that you should visit at least once in your life to experience the full scope of its historical background. Let’s see what sights you should visit when you come to Jerusalem. 

  • The first thing you should visit when you come to Jerusalem is the Western Wall. Western Wall is also known as the Wailing Wall and is the remains of the Holy Temples of Jerusalem. There were two Holy Temples of Jerusalem. Solomon, son of King David, built the first one in the 9th century B.C. Babylonians destroyed the Temple in 586 B.C. King Herod rebuilt the second Temple in 37 B.C., but the Romans destroyed it in 70 A.D. The Western Wall is a holy monument and a place for prayer and pilgrimage to many Jewish people. Many kings and people destroyed Jerusalem over the years, but the Wall always remained intact. It stands as a symbol of the Jewish religion. 
  • The second historical place you should visit in Jerusalem is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre stands on the areas of Jesus’s crucifixion and his resurrection. It encompasses the two holiest places in Christianity. 

These are just two places you can visit in Jerusalem. They probably hold the most historical and religious significance. There are many more places to visit in Jerusalem, like the Tower of David and the Israel Museum. So if you think you would like to experience Jerusalem in its full glory, pack your clothes and go there. 


The Middle East is a large place with many different cultures and cities to experience. We picked three of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East according to our opinion. If you do not like our choices, explore more and good luck!