Most of us women believe that diamonds are most definitely a girl’s best friend. When Marilyn Monroe made this perfect statement, it struck a chord with most of us women. So, when your spouse, boyfriend or partner surprises you with all thing’s gold and glitter, we tend to swoon. So here is to all the men, still wondering what to get their special someone, then this good read is for you! We break down all the information on the best Valentine’s Day Jewelry you can find! Read on…

Valentine Hearts;

Valentines day is all about showcasing your love. What better way than to say it than with valentines day jewellery that is in the shape of a heart. Earring with hear shaped stones, or necklaces with a heart shaped pendant says that your heart is all theirs! With a multitude of options available online. To make it even more special, have the heart shaped pendant engraved with your initial and hers. Some even come with framed pictures you can add to on the inside of the pendant.

Valentine Hearts

The Ring

For all the boys who are only in the beginnings of a wonderful relationship or aren’t quite ready to settle down yet, might not want to give the wrong impression and present their lady love with a diamond ring. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can still profess your feelings with a lesser ostentatious ring. The best valentine’s day jewellery are the silver and gold ring stacks. She can wear them all on one finger, or spread them across all, or even just wear one from the pack. Either way, they look fabulous and she will absolutely love them. One tip, you might want to check you girls finger ring size, just to be sure. You can find gorgeous stackable rings online.

The Bracelet;

Women absolutely love to adorn their hands with baubles! Another fantastic valentines jewellery gift idea is to present her with a bracelet, bangles, a watch or even a cuff. All of this is widely available online and also in stores. You can take your choice of either stackable bracelets, statement cuffs, crystal encrusted watches or even simple yet intricately designed bangles. You also have a wide range to choose from wither artificial, metal, silver, gold or diamonds.

The Watch


The Earring;

Gifting her with a pair of valentine’s day jewellery earrings says so much. Take your pick of metal, silver, gold or even diamonds from a variety of online stores. Whatever you choose to buy, it will definitely cast a spell on her!

Women who love to experiment with jewellery, like to wear what is in trend. You might want to keep an eye out for what she already has or pay attention to what she might like. Women who love to experiment, also like to wear body chains, waistbands, head chains, toe rings, anklets and even armlets. But the bottom line is, valentines day jewellery is a great gift for any woman.

Another great tip for any valentines jewelry, is to engrave it with your and her initials, or a special date, or even a special message. This idea makes the gift you are giving a whole lot more personal. Something she can cherish for years to come.

By ReenaR