Aging in Place

If you have come to a realization that you will not be leaving the home you currently live in for a
different home in the same or even another city or state, it means that you have decided to age in place.
That is the modern term for living in one home for the rest of your life. If you live in Mississippi, the first
the thing we want you to know is that this is the perfect state for elderly people to live in and age in place.
The reasons why this is so are endless but that is not what we are here to tell you more about. We want
you to know some useful tips for aging in place in Mississippi.

Analyze your home

You need to start analyzing your home if your plan is to age in place. Many people do not seem to
realize just how dangerous certain things inside of our homes can be once we get older. When we get
older, our bodies become weaker and less stable. This is why there are around 36 million Americans
over the age of 65 yearly who stumble or fall in their home. The majority of them have light injuries but
there have been some very serious cases of injuries.

Take precautions

This is something you should take into consideration and start analyzing just how safe your home
actually is. If you have any furniture with sharp edges such as tables or chairs, it wouldn’t be a bad idea
to replace this furniture with more rounded furniture. This way you will make your home safer. And if
you have grandchildren, for them as well.

If your current home seems too unsafe, it isn’t a bad idea to consider relocating to a different one in the
neighborhood or your city. If you end up deciding to do so, can make Mississippi
relocation a lot easier.

Think in advance

You have to think in advance when you are planning on aging in place. You never know what can
happen. When we get older as our bodies are burned out, certain health issues tend to appear. A lot of
Americans over the age of 55 get a sudden heart attack even if they haven’t had heart issues their entire
lives. The most common diseases in elderly people are:

  • hypertension
  • atherosclerosis
  • dementia

This is why it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get more information about the history of illness in your family.
This way you will be able to predict much more easily just what it is that could happen to you at some
point. But it is best to try and prevent anything from happening. Regular doctor check-ups and
maintaining a healthy lifestyle will prolong your healthy life for sure.

Save money while aging in place in Mississippi

You might not be able to handle all the expenses of remodeling your home for aging in place in Mississippi. If that is the case, we believe that you should go slowly and do one thing at a time while saving money on the side for other things. Some of the things you might need to do are make a concrete driveway, replace old windows and doors, install a home security system, and many more things.