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When it comes to landing pages, conversion is truly key.

All landing pages utmost goal is to be able to increase conversions because it’s either you are trying to get email subscribers or increase purchases, or get new subscribers or get web users to sign up to your account.

Due to the intense need to transform traffic into conversions, a whole new discipline was born named Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

You might have just launched your landing page or you’ve had one for a while and are thinking of making some changes that will helpto increase conversions.

So on this article, I will be talking about 7 changes you can make to your landing page that will increase conversions.

# A/B Testing

Run an A/B Test before you start spending money or launch your landing page. Testing is a critical step in improving your landing page conversion rate by up to 300% when you use the right tool to test and target.

You might want to focus on these seven factors to make the most of your testing:

  • Call to Action – this is what ultimately drives your conversions. When testing, try to make just one change at a time. This will enable you know what caused an increase or decrease in conversion rates. Also you will want to make your call to action clearer and direct Sometimes changing a phrase or word can have a huge impact.
  • Forms – add text that explains how personal information will be used and also increase the size of each field on the form in other to improve your offer.

# Optimize Form

One of the main purpose of a landing page is to be able to capture a user’s contact detail which is impossible to do without a form. Users have to be able to trust your form

Form placement as well plays a major role, because actionability and visibility are 2 main elements when it comes to landing page conversion.

# Product Reviews

A recent study shows that 70% of consumers look at product reviews before they make any purchase and also consumer-generated product reviews are 10 times more trusted than product descriptions.

You need credibility if you want to sell anything at all. You should consider adding testimonials from customers and client logos on your landing page.

According to Marketing Land, 90% of customers agree that buying decisions are mostly influenced by online reviews. And also 88% of customers trust online reviews.

Your visitors don’t need to go looking for reviews on the web if the reviews on your landing page are in-line alongside your products.

So it’s very important to test how adding reviews to your product page will affect your conversion rates.

# Headlines

It takes about 8 seconds for a user to decide whether to stay or leave your page, so the one and only shot you’ve got at convincing them to stick around is your headline.

You just have a few seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, so it’s essential to have a headline that is straightforward and bold.

So strive to be concrete and clear on your offering and what they will get out of the deal. You need to be able to summarize what the user will get from your page in five words or less.

Then you can also craft a subhead to elaborate on the headline’s promise. Try to ensure that your users get the gist of your pitch within a few seconds.

# Minimize Distractions

Your goal is to be able to strip your landing pages down to the bare minimum. So try to remove links such as site’s navigation in other to increase conversion rates.

This also means giving up sidebar. The more the options you give to your users, the more the competition you give your call-to-action button.

Notwithstanding, you can still include your logo in other to build your brand’s recognition.

Eliminate choice and you will make the conversion option easier to comprehend and easier to take action too.

# Load Fast

You can spend a lot of time personalizing your landing page with content and images, but all of this won’t matter if your page does not load fast. It is key for your landing page to load within a few seconds or else users will leave to a different page.

You can use Google PageSpeed Insights to reduce your page loading time and get suggestions on ways to optimize your page speed. You can actually lose up to 7% in conversion rate for every second of lag.

You should reduce and also optimize image elements to keep your page lightning fast.

# Use Product Videos

In other to increase conversion, use a video on your landing page that shows off the benefits of the product in action. You will also want to pay attention to the video thumbnail too, which is what users usually see whenever they first hit the page.

So you might want to go with few words and give your visitors a pitchy and enjoyable video to watch. With all this, you can expect to see your conversions go up.

You should definitely test adding videos to your product landing pages and you should only invest in one or two videos at first to test their impact on profits.

These are the 7 landing page changes you can make to increase conversions. I have touched different parts of a landing page, which are crucial when it comes to conversion.

They might not appeal to every single landing page on the web, however you will always find a combination of some of them that will work for you.

Though A/B Testing works for every single landing page. Before launching any landing page, be sure you run an A/B Test, most especially if you are trying increase conversion.

I hope you had a great time going through the 7 landing page changes you can make that will help increase conversion.

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