How to Set Up Your Television for a Kid-Friendly Apartment

Placing the television in the right spot is an interesting and doubtful part of furniture arrangement. Before even deciding where to put the couch in the living room, you should decide where the TV has to be placed in your apartment. Today, most of the apartments have large balcony linking the living room that allows more sunlight thus making the viewing experience a bit uninteresting. In case you are confused about where to place the television, then consider the following guidelines in planning out the best spot for your TV in terms of angle &, distance that’s kid-friendly and for a phenomenol movie experience as well.

Inspect the environment

Deciding where to put the TV isn’t just about picking up the right corner of your living room, there are yet so many things to consider while doing so. One of that is knowing your environment.

  1. The flow of the sound: It is not just the colours & cartoons that attract kids to watch TV but the sound as well. So, checking the flow of the sound is crucial because sometimes the sound flow might be blocked by means neighbouring furniture or unexpected disturbances from the corridor, or from anywhere in the apartment. Specifically, if you have got those external Bluetooth speakers, then the sound flow from the TV is blocked if you have furniture nearby. Make sure there is no blockage for the sound and check there are no walls, shelves or cupboards blocking the sound flow.
  2. Watch the light: Ensure you place the television where there is no light which can produce glares as they are disruptive while watching the TV. Try not setting the TV opposite to large windows and sliding doors where sunlight inflow is abundant. This reflects the light back and makes inconvenient to watch the TV properly. There are chances that your kid’s eye might affect badly if the light reflects back at them. Also, we do not want our kids to squint their eyes watching television with such difficulty.
  3. Select a good viewing area: Place the TV in a spot where more number of people can gather and watch comfortably. In an open plan apartment, then opt to set up in a good viewing area where you can watch the daily news from the kitchen as well. This is an advantage for mothers to watch television along with their kids that boosts engagement between mom & kid. This is also one of the prime reasons why people are hunting open plan apartments in OMR.

Arrange the television strategically

After you know where to set up your television in the apartment, now there are a few factors you need to consider for strategically right placement.

  1. Focus on vertical measurements (height): Know how high you want to mount your television. Most of the homeowners place the TVs too high on the wall. Ensure you place the television to match your sightline. i.e; 3 ½ ft above the floor. So that you can watch the television comfortably sitting on the couch which is a 1 ½ feet off the floor. This way, kids don’t have to struggle watching tv and hurt their neck & back often.
  2. Measure the horizontal distance: Most of the people living in the regular apartments are a bit confused about where to place the couch from the TV as it has so many wire cables connected. The optimal viewing distance is the diagonal measurement of the TV divided by 7 gives you the ideal ft distance from the main seating area. If you have a television with 36 inches screen, which should be above 5 ft away from where you sit. If it is 60 inches, then it should be above 8 ½ ft away. The distance may vary based on the size of the television screen.

Since you know how and where to set up the TV deliberately, encounter the best movie watching experience by setting up the sectionals and table with a pack of popcorn today! It just not stops with an amazing movie experience but also is the right way to watch the television with your kids to avoid any health issues in the future.

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