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Do You Want to Know How to Retrieve Deleted Files From USB Look at Here

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Are you searching an instant solution to retrieve deleted files from the USB drive? Kudos! You land at the perfect place. Here, we come up to resolve the most commonly asked query such as recover permanently deleted data from USB drive. Simply, go through the complete to find out the smart way for the same.

Brief Outline

What exactly happens when users lost their crucial data without any alert. This can be a nuisance situation for anyone. Mainly, USB is proficiently used storage device as compared to others. Users prefer this due to its progressive functionalities. Users can store thousands of data files like photos, videos, music, and documents etc., in pen drive. Even though, most of the users utilized USB to back up their important data files. But, what if all the data stored in a pen drive is wiped out. We know this is the heartbreaking situation for anyone. At times, users find an alternative solution to recover permanently deleted data from USB drive. So, we consider this and come up with this article. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss the top 2 techniques to resolve the issue such as how to retrieve deleted files from USB drive. Let’s get started:

Special Tip!

Once you realize that you lost your valuable data files from USB. At times, initially, you have to stop using that existing USB drive immediately. Because any data may overwrite the deleted files. And once the data files are being overwritten then, it becomes impossible to regain them.

Manual Solution to Retrieve Deleted Files From USB Drive

Here, we are going to reveal the directions to implement a recovery procedure. Mainly, this free solution is available in two workarounds. Both methods are discussed comprehensively. So, you can execute any method sequentially to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive. Let’s get going:

Retrieve Deleted Data From USB Drive by Using The Previous Versions

Follow the below-listed instructions to retrieve data from the previous versions of files or folders:

  • First of all, right-click on the folder which consists of your permanently deleted. Then, select the Properties option.
  • Now, hit a click on Previous Versions from the top pane and to proceed further.
  • Finally, you can preview a list of the previous version of a folder. Now, you have to choose the file edition which one you require to restore and click on the Restore button.

Retrieve Deleted Data From USB Drive by Using CMD

In order, to perform the recovery procedure. You have to use cmd utility. To do so, follow the below-outlined steps properly:

  • Firstly, navigate to Run by clicking Windows + R keys, in Windows versions 10/8.1/8
  • Here, you have to input CMD and press Enter key to open command prompt wizard.
  • Lastly, type this following command in the Command Prompt wizard i.e., attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.and press Enter or wait for some time till the procedure completes successfully.

Note: Most of the users are still ignorant of a fact i.e. when they normally deleted any data from USB drive. Then, those data files will be removed permanently instead of going to recycle bin. Because when the data file is deleted from an external storage device so, it will be wiped permanently from that device. In this situation, no manual method can recover permanently deleted files from pen drive. To do so, an automated or professional tool is the one way. So, we have mentioned that in the upcoming segment, let’s proceed further.

What If Manual Solution Gets Failed?

There are so many users who are suffering from data loss issue from pen drive. But, the prime query comes in every user’s mind i.e., how to retrieve deleted files from USB?. So, here, we come up with this USB drive data recovery software. This is a one-time investment for all those users who need to recover corrupted, deleted, and formatted data. This recovery software is programmed with significant features which are tested by professionals. Mainly, this amazing tool comes under the top 5 world’s best recovery applications. However, it is a perfect technique to perform corrupted, deleted, formatted or lost data recovery from all brands flash drive. Moreover, The speed of this tool is very quick. Ultimately, it is a secure way to recover permanently deleted files from USB without any hindrance. Any user either geek or non-geek can utilize this flawless tool via visiting our official page.

Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted Data From USB Drive by Using Reliable Software

Simply, follow all the below-stated steps, to perform the instant recovery procedure of deleted files from USB.

  • Primarily, download and run the SysTools USB drive data recovery software to your local system. usb drive data recovery
  • Now, the software will provide you two options such as Scan and Formatted Scan. So, you have to choose Scan instead of formatted scan because you need to recover deleted data. usb drive data recovery
  • After completion of the scanning procedure. Now, the software will display all the details in the right panel. This tool has a unique feature i.e., it emphasizes the deleted files by red color. So, it becomes easy for you to understand which data files are deleted permanently. usb drive recovery
  • At last, click on the Save option to export and store all the recovered files from a USB drive at any desired location. usb flash drive recovery

User’s Real Life Query

Need Help! I unintentionally deleted a complete folder from my USB and that folder consists of some important Word and MS Excel files which I need urgently. So, anyone please recommend me an instant method to recover deleted files from USB drive. Thanks.

“Day before yesterday, I mistakenly deleted some crucial files from my pen drive which contains my photos. Is it possible to retrieve those deleted files from USB? Those data files are very important to me. Now, please advise me a smart way to recover them perfectly. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

Concluding Words

If you relate your situation with those users who are suffering from data loss issue. So, do not waste your valuable time. Just read and follow this entire blog to resolve your issue. Mainly, in this article, we discussed the best techniques to retrieve deleted files from USB. But, there is no manual solution which has the ability to provide you expected outcome. So, it is recommended to go with an alternative approach named USB drive data recovery software. Nevertheless, all the methods are disclosed appropriately. Thus, you can opt any one as per your necessity.

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