Freelance Business Ideas

A whole lot of people are beginning to ditch the regular 9-to-5 lifestyle. Now people have set out to make money off their skills and their passions. According to CNBC, over the past 20 years, the number of independent contractors has increased by about 27% more than payroll employees. This increase is all thanks to lots of freelance apps and freelance sites. So, if you want to start up a freelance business, here are the top 10 freelance business ideas you can start for free.

  1. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the primary marketing tools. A lot of businesses use to grow. There are loads of platforms everywhere which you can take advantage of with no extra cost. Each social media platform comes with a little bit different features. For instance, you could help companies use your Facebook wall for advertising their business. Likewise, you could also take advantage of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and a couple of other social media platforms to help companies to reach their goal.

  1. Blogging

A whole lot of entertainment and business websites needs people to write for them. And if you want, you could be a resident blogger for these businesses and earn a salary. However, writing for businesses might not make you so much. So, you could decide to start your blog and attract traffic for more earnings with your posts. And if you don’t know anything about blog management, companies like Scribbify could be of help.

  1. Teaching

All thanks to the rate at which technology is improving, giving lessons is a perfect freelance business idea. You could use video chat, live chats, text, amongst others to teach people online or offline. So, if you have writing skills, or you can speak multiple languages, or any other teachable skill, you can offer the service for a fee. And the best part is that you can provide your services to audiences all over the world, which increases your chance of a higher income. It would be best if you start with something simple, nothing too complicated for people to quickly grab, like charging an hourly rate, amongst others.

  1. Interpreting

There are times when people would need to translate in real-time. Usually, translators interpret in person, but thanks to online group calls, it can be done remotely. So, if you can speak multiple languages, this freelance job would be perfect for you. According to statistics from GlassDoor, a freelance interpreter can earn an average of $35.43 per hour.

  1. Advertising copyright

Advertising copyright means helping a business get the attention of their targeted audience. Business owners and companies do not know what to write about in their advertising copy to get the results they want. As an expert in SEO and advertising, you can offer your services to these types of businesses for a fee. In return, you will help these companies write their PPC and display ads headlines.

  1. Stock photography

Do you have a camera and a knack for photography? Then you can start a full-time freelance business taking photos and placing them on stock sites like iStockPhoto. People get to purchase/download your pictures from these stock sites which earns you royalty. In some cases, you could even sell the photos outright.

  1. Ghostwriting

Some people need to write for their businesses, but they might not have the time or skill for it, and that’s where you come into the picture. As a ghostwriter, you could write on blogs, posts, articles, books, and so on, you name it. However, the twist comes in, as the person who hired you will publish it under their name. A lot of entrepreneurs do it all the time. As a freelance ghostwriter, you can make up to $55 a month for these types of assignments.

  1. Magazine articles writing

Different online publications and magazines solicit a free contribution from writers; however, not all of them. Some magazines pay freelancers, while others don’t. So, keep an eye out for the ones that profit you in the long run. To start, all you need is to come up with a story idea that works for the audience, lunch the idea and boom, you land a paid writing gig.

  1. Graphic design

Graphic designers are highly demanded online. People hire graphic designers for logos, memes, infographics, blog post cover photos, and more.

  1. Virtual assistant work

Lastly, you could consider helping businesses sort out his administrative tasks like monitoring emails, issuing invoices, providing customer service, amongst others. Today, you do not need to be there in person to offer this kind of service. You can remotely help business do their administrative tasks. So, you could work as a freelance virtual assistant for a company or split your time between several.

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