Spare Tire

For safe driving, make sure you take good care of your tires to get the most out of it. What about spare tires? Here’s what you need to know.

Honestly, people don’t usually pay much attention to the spare tires. Many don’t hesitate in procrastinating the regular inspection of these tires. As per observation, spare tires don’t really get much attention until a driver experiences any tire failure. Due to which, people don’t know much about the spare tires as they think.

Whether you don’t know how to use the spare or perhaps have no idea when it’s time for a replacement, you could be making some mistakes that might put your safety in jeopardy. Therefore, we have come up with some spare tires facts every car owner should be aware of. So let’s dive in;

Follow the Guidelines

Keep in mind! The spare tire is just a temporary solution, and not at all permanent. Just stick to this rule before you even install a spare tire on your car. Generally, the spare tires are designed for about 70 miles, and that’s it. You must be wondering why this restriction! Here is the valid reason; these aren’t designed with the same level of tread like a traditional tire.

Make sure you don’t drive it longer than 70-miles, or it will increase wear on your gears as well. If you have had the spare tire for quite a few years now and have experienced some flat tires, you have already exceeded the limit. So it’s recommended to get a new one.

Maximum Speed Limit

Since you have the spare tire put on your car for some reason, you cannot drive fast on the roads just like normally do with the original equipment tires. So if you are driving on the temporary or spare tires, make sure you keep your speed down. Since it’s not the traditional high-performance tire, it shouldn’t at all be treated that way.

The recommended maximum speed limit for the spare tires is 50 MPH. So make sure you don’t go over this limit, or the consequences might be detrimental. And since you just can cross this speed limit, you are not able to drive on the highway with these tires. In case you traditional tires need to be replaced, you can consider buying the premium quality tires.

Inspect Tire Condition

You must have experienced the flat tire several times. Make sure you don’t just assume that the spare tire is safe to use. Just inspect the tire thoroughly. You can first check the tire tread. In case you come across the chunks of flat areas or perhaps the tread depth lower than normal, the spare tire is unsafe for use.

Make sure you check the tire pressure of the tire and ensure if it’s at the same level as mentioned in the manual. Tires lose some pressure over time. In case the spare tire is unsafe for use, you should get the vehicle towed to a tire service center instead of using the spare.