VPN or Virtual Private Network is a must-use tool when you are using torrent. While you are using torrent apps or browsing within torrent websites your chances of getting your information leaked are very high. There is much bogus information about the best VPN for torrenting.

There are some self-proclaimed best VPNs that leak your information which they had to protect. Some of those VPN apps don’t allow torrenting. Other VPN apps are very slow and they will make you want to stop using them.

Using torrent puts your device at risk if you avoid using VPN. So the best decision would be to use a good quality VPN app for an extra coating of security. Torrent users use VPN to stay secure during the use of torrent sites like 0123putlockers. But careful users do not use just any other VPN apps. And BitTorrent doesn’t support all VPN apps either.

Problems That Occur In Popular VPN

  • Some VPN apps are really slow and do not work fast enough with torrents. They cause torrent downloads to get slow.
  • Some VPNs are very bad at doing the only job that they are supposed to do, which is providing the user protection from identity information leaks. They leak your IP address sometimes.
  • Some VPN apps do not allow torrent use.

Free VPNs are almost as good as useless. And a careful torrent user will never suggest using a free VPN. But they are some really good options if you intend to invest little money. I will provide you with some of the best VPN options. But first, we need to know about some aspects of choosing the best VPN.

How To Choose The Best VPN?

If you are torrenting, you will want extra online privacy, zero data caps, and a fast download speed. You need to keep these in mind while focusing on some very crucial aspects for choosing the best VPN app that makes your P2P file sharing smooth and fast.

  • Security is the most important. Encryption should ensure that you are not being watched by any third-party stalker. Your VPN must have a kill switch and DNS leak protection because they protect any identificational data from leaving your computer.
  • There should be no Log in Policy. Log in option in your VPN records information and IP addresses also get logged in. You must make sure the VPN address does not do these. Because, if you have to log in chances are that your information may leak. VPN that does not record login data has no chance of being hacked.
  • Bandwidth limits are set in some of the VPN apps. Bandwidth limits halt or postpone your download. Torrents sometimes require downloading large files so setting a bandwidth limit is a downer.
  • The VPN apps that I am about to recommend score above the average in download speed. So, you don’t have to worry.
  • VPNs that have a shared IP address function are good. The simple meaning is that you share your IP address with dozens of other users. This process increases anonymity and reduces the chances of your address getting traced back.

Top 7 VPN Apps For Secure Torrenting


Private Internet Access, abbreviated as PIA, provides an excellent VPN service. The VPN app requires very minimum setup and supports torrenting and P2P. The VPN has a wide network of servers and provides a flawless connection.


SurfShark is known for multiple device support and a very good internet connectivity. SurfShark is always careful about your IP address and keeps you secure while you are browsing on torrent.


CyberGhost has a free trial option. But you should go for the paid version if you want to taste its full potential. The VPN comes with a kill switch. The VPN has many servers making the network seamless. Its simplicity makes cyberGost one of the best.


NordVPN uses the very modern and sophisticated WireGuard protocol, providing the best VPN security while torrenting. The uTorrent NordVPN setup is very easy. The other features of NordVPN make it an all rounder.

Express VPN

Express VPN protects everything. And the VPN works best with BitTorrent. The VPN app never logs in  your data and it provides incredible network speed across 96 countries. 

TunnelBear VPN

This is one of the best VPNs judging for the price and the wide variety of security that it provides in the paid version.

Perfect Privacy

Perfect privacy is the best option for using in the office and homme because it supports unlimited devices. This VPN app might claim the top position  as the best VPN app.

Final Words

This article covers almost everything about VPNs. From the way VPN works and how some VPNs may not be suitable for torrent users to which is the best VPN you can use. To tell you again, always go for a paid VPN for the best security.

You may have questions in mind, like, is Mediafire safe while torrenting? But using a good VPN will rid you off of all the security-related problems. You can use NordVPN, ExpressVPN, or any other VPN that you may like.

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