Interior Decorating Secrets

Interior decorating and designing sounds like such a complex art that only professionals can perform with their years of studying and experience. But, what if there was a way you could learn the basics of interior designing and also get some pointers used by professionals?

Interior design has been with us for generations. You look at any old building, and you will see patterns or colors to give the place an identity. Colors and patterns will never cease to amaze people, and they surely will not stop places from looking elegant.

Whether on the outside or the inside, decorations will always be welcome, even in the most sophisticated places.

Importance of Interior decorating

Any home needs a calming and soothing ambiance that is also good to the eye, which is the purpose of interior designing. These tricks will surely give any home that extra focal point to divert from the negatives big time.

Not just homes, but offices, cafes, restaurants, and even escape rooms need interior decorating. Interior Decorating helps these places in attracting new crowds and staying competitive.

Tips for interior decorating

In this article, we will discuss the 5 concrete secrets only professional interior decorators know, and we’ll go through its application in real life.

Whether it be completing a gallery wall or using bold paint color, these 5 secrets are sure to enhance your knowledge and confidence in DIY interior designing.

1. Color sampling and a consistent color palette

Not everything needs to be complex. There is a common misconception that you cannot mix different styles together. However, designer Emily Henderson says otherwise. You are free to mix almost any style, as long as they lie within your chosen color palette. The ideal amounts of colors acceptable in a palette are 3-4.

Color sampling

Also, do make sure to consider materials and silhouettes; your styles should at least look like cousins. And most importantly, keep your colors consistent. But one thing that needs to be mentioned is black paint. The classic color can be used to provide assurance to any space.

In order to select a consistent color palette, you should sample the color you plan on using. This is because a standard color palette for one room might not look good for other rooms. Sampling will allow you to pick the most consistent color palette.

2. Space Planning is important

Space Planning, or the process of determining the usable space you have, is essential. A lot of amateur mistakes stem from the fact that Space Planning is not even considered. Not following this procedure leads to poorly utilized space and large furniture in a small room.

If you are buying furniture and art pieces without understanding the scaling of your room, you will have a problem. This problem will stand out and destroy the look of your entire room. Having poorly utilized space is not easy on your eyes.

A good way to space plan is to analyze your room. If it is a large room like those in Pflugerville apartments, then compartmentalize the room and use the space efficiently. If it is a small room, then focus on increasing the utility of the room without filling it completely.

3. Map your walls

There is one obvious thing, as long as there is a hole in the wall, you are not likely to move around the framed pieces. Designer Taniya Nayak says that the best way to hang pictures from your gallery wall is to create your templates using cardboard.

Map your walls

You will find it easier to trace and estimate where certain pictures are hung if you get an outline of them and move them around the wall until they fit perfectly. Depending on your space, color, and room ambiance, you can try different art pieces till you get a perfect match.

Another important tip, make sure you do not use cheap tape and instead use good quality tape like Frog tape to make sure your paint doesn’t pull off. No one appreciates paint being peeled off their wall.

4. Bold wallpaper in the bathroom

There have to be rooms in the place that are either small powdered or have funny angles. If there are, this is the perfect solution to give it a good pop, using bold wallpaper.

Wallpapers consist of soffits, weird angles, and just-outs; the best part is that they make a small room look larger than it is; it does so by tricking the eye into not knowing where the corners are.

5. Start your projects from the floor

One of the biggest issues with interior designing is, where do you start? As an amateur, this can be a tricky question to ask yourself. Because once you start the process, stopping can be expensive.


Thus, one of the best tips for interior decorating is to start from the floor. Begin by deciding on rugs, carpets, and floor designs. Once that is done, you can start deciding the overall color palette with relative ease. Furthermore, adding furniture and other pieces also becomes easier once your floor is done.


And that was it. Those are the 5 most important secrets you should keep in mind whether you want to decorate the home yourself or are looking to outsource to another company. If you pay close attention, many of these tricks are meant to provide a sense of compromise to the home, and they work like miracles. Color and glamour would always stand out in any given space, small or large, mainly because it provides a face to the space.

 “Drawing your eyes through each room to the view beyond.”  

Just like any escape room, restaurant, or cafe, a home or building needs to stand out. Interior designing can help escape the bland look that most people would feel uncomfortable with. As a bonus tip, always determine or have a style in your mind before you start. The reason is, you can easily map out your whole process easily. And if you feel like you want to go for a different style, you will be able to do so easily. This will also help you in establishing your own aesthetic and designs.

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