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Marketing is the (mainstay) lifeblood of businesses because it helps them to get the word out on their offered products & services. Learning a few key strategies helps to ‘best it’ – every time!

It wouldn’t be untrue to state that without effective marketing, no business can hope to survive. Everyone knows that businesses exist to make money. They do this by selling the products & services they specialize in. But in order to get the public to know this, they first need to invest in promotions. Amid the great number of companies that cater to every industrial niche, standing out is hard. So to make an impact, and ‘capture’ their customers, businesses have to work tirelessly. Luckily, it takes only a few well-placed strategies to do this. These have been listed at length within this blog post. And I can attest to their efficacy firsthand. Having seen them work wonders in publicizing the Spectrum Phone project.

Understanding Consumer Psychology – and Catering To It

But first things first.

For any marketing tactic to work, it has to be well-grounded in consumer psychology. That is the reason why psychology modules are taught in practically every business course. They teach graduates to empathize with the customer. To walk in his (or her) shoes – and see what products & services appeal the most. But more importantly, they train aspiring business persons to correctly anticipate the types of marketing approaches that work.

Not every lead consumer responds to a certain marketing strategy in the same way. Some people like to read the fine print, and so targeting them with text-rich ads may be more appropriate. But this category is a minority in today’s attention-deficit characterized world. So overall, it may not be wise to remain text-only.

The Ads that ‘Strike’ Nowadays

As per the latest online marketing findings, promotions that feature a lot of rich graphics material appeal to a majority of consumers. These don’t contain a lot of text. They strive to convey their promotional intent through the use of multimedia (pictures, videos, and maybe a background tune – or two).

Similarly, many people nowadays believe in the ‘Green Revolution’. This is an admirable stance because it focuses on reducing the number of trees cut all over the world. The focus with this movement rests on promoting the use of ‘digital paper’. Fewer paper adverts will directly mean that less wood will be required. Forests, as a result, won’t be mercilessly cut down – leading to a greener planet. Of the kind that our ancestors once breathed in.

To reach out to these people, email and social media marketing strategies are the way to go. The same can be said of radio and television promotions – which don’t rely on parchment.

Five Tips for Effective Marketing

Other than its focus on consumer psychology, effective marketing focuses on the concern of ‘ease’. I’ve tried to include the discussion on this crucial outreach factor within the list below.

I’m positive that if you take note of these pointers in your own marketing work, you’ll gain a lot. And I’m not only talking in terms of the influx of customers you’ll receive.

  1. Be Upfront and Concise
  2. Use Easy Diction
  3. Be Reasonable (Don’t Exaggerate)
  4. Focus on Making Promotions ‘Easy’ for Audiences
  5. Use Indirect Advertising Methods

Be Upfront

When writing ads content, don’t mince words (or graphics). You can’t portray your ad as something other than what it is. No customer is that easy to beguile. So it’s always best to stick to the popular ad composition method:

Explain how your product/service fulfills a customer requirement. And then detail how your offer is better suited than the competition. Simple!

When you follow this approach, your ad will probably only contain two sentences. And frankly, that is all you’re ever going to need. Any more, and you risk ‘pissing off your potential catch…’ As one of my marketing gurus once liked to put it!

Use Easy Language

Remember, you’re writing content for an ad. Not a college term paper, or an informational blog. You’re hoping to sell whatever it is you’re in the market for. And so you absolutely need to focus on conveying your message properly.

And only your message. Nothing Else.

If this means using the simplest possible sequence of words and sentence construction techniques, then go for it! Even if your heart (and your soul) feels gutted in consequence. As someone who once had a passing affiliation with Language Studies, I know how that can feel…

But it’s the end consumer that counts. So you need to suck it up whenever these self-aggrandizing ‘blues’ should hit!

Be Reasonable in Your Claims

Don’t overestimate your product or service any more than it really merits. Customers, even preadolescents, these days can ‘smell’ a fake deal from a genuine one. Even before you, as an advertising agent, should choose to open your mouth. With one product fairy tale after another…

When you only claim what is completely true of your offer, then you stand a lesser risk of irking your customer. The same cannot be said when you go overboard on your assertions. Because in such cases, you do end up selling your ware. But the frantic complaint calls that you’ll later receive, and the ill-will generated, really make you wish you hadn’t!

So take care. And don’t lose your head.

Make Promotions Easy to Come By

On this front, I’ve always thought that standee and electronic billboard promotions are good marketing mediums. These just keep on ‘rolling’ in the background, without actually forcing the customer to look their way. This tactic, again, minimizes the chances of irritation.

Emails, flyers, TV and Radio advertisements can at times feel ‘spammy’.

And trust me, that’s the last thing you want your band to be associated with!

Use Indirect Promotion Techniques

These include making use of popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) techniques. They help to promote your web platforms (websites) in passing. And over the long haul – so that you receive a steady stream of visitors. As a marketer, my recent stint in working on publicizing a certain internet and phone bundles site bear testament to this advantage. Just last month, I even received a ‘certificate of appreciation’ for my effort. Now for matters of secrecy, I’m not going to reveal the name of the contracting company in question. Just know that it’s placed somewhere at the top of the Fortune 500 list.

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