Top 6 Desk Organizer Accessories & Storage Options for Home Office

Desk Organizer

With everything switching into a digital world after COVID happened, working from home is the new norm. There is an adaptation of physical work spaces into virtual office en masse. The proliferation of remote work even in the long run has made professionals think to spruce up their home offices in a way to organize their workflow and professional requirements.

No matter if you only have a single room in your mini flat, a work-from-home option from your living room, or have a big house; you need to ensure that the work space is well organized, clean and clutter-free. This will not only help you have a pleasant day at work, but will also up your game for being a productive employee.

There are multiple desk organizer accessories and storage alternatives to get a perfectly- sorted space, tidy desk and peaceful and productive day. So, let’s get started.

1. Monitor Stand Workstation/Ergonomic Desk Organizer

This desktop organizer has three built-in drawers for additional storage space as well as the legs are raised above so to create additional extra room underneath. There are ports on the top of the unit and along the back panel to keep the wires and cables clutter to a minimum and finished grasps keep the unit from sliding or scratching surfaces. The image is down below for the reference.

Monitor Stand

There are also perfectly built ergonomic desktop organizers present in the market. Ergonomic organizer features the space below the monitor to maximize storage. In addition to that, it also raises the screen to eye level, which advances better sitting posture and body alignment. Other valuable features incorporate inclined containers, which are so convenient to use, and drawers and racks designed explicitly for the size of the things you need to store. Here is an ergonomic organizer below:

Ergonomic Desk Organizer

2. Storage Ottoman

Ottomans with internal compartments with not only accentuate your home office but will also provide more storage space. You can keep your extra stuff in them and they can be best use in terms of both; functionality and organization. Ottomans are particularly useful if you are a designer, architecture or an interior or belong to any such profession. In this way, you can keep your raw materials and photo cleaner in them for later use. It would also turn into a perfect sitting for your living room if, in any case, you will stop working from home.

Storage Ottoman

3. Wires & Cable Management Clips

If you have been working from home since last lockdown in March 2020; chances are that you might have experienced the chaos from bundles of cables and chords. It’s so real! A workstation with a laptop, external monitors, charging cables for laptop and mobile phone, printers and what not – can convert your functional home-office into a hassled nightmare. So, cable management clips can help you keep the space hassle-free, as your kids might be running all around your home cum office.

Cable Management Clips

4. Workspace Monitor Stand

One of the best splurges for your home office organization is this versatile ash wood piece. Its shape and style gives a midcentury vibe. The stand consists of three slots for storing desk accessories. It can be customized as per your requirements. It is additionally used to raise your computer monitor about four inches higher, which can help prevent neck strain from constantly looking down. You can also flip on its side to hold pens, scissors, sticky notes, mails, and other small documents. Furthermore, you can also rearrange the dividers as per the size of your accessories. Users absolutely love the aesthetics the stand adds on to their desk space. It is funky yet functional in terms of usage and a few people have given it their own creative hacks by drilling a hole in the back for charging cables or mounting it on a wall. See below:

Monitor Stand

5. Bag Drop

With full-time working from home, you’d surely expect a lot of mess around the floor, on the table and almost everywhere in your room. There is a bag drop that minimizes clutter on the floor by offering space for your bags. Instead of lingering on your bag, purse, laptop bag or backpack – you can conveniently keep your bags on the dedicated place in the structure. Apart from bags, you can also use that space for storing larger items. The unit comes with a metal divider to help divide the felt-lined top component as favored and is available in left or right positioning based on the setup.

Bag Drop

6. Drawer Organizer

How will an office space function without a drawer organizer? Well, we don’t know yet. So, we have presented you drawer organizers as options for your new office furniture. Do you have a messy drawer that needs to be whipped into shape? Or you want to organize your set of files piled up in your drawer? Then, this is something of necessity for you. It’s designed for a standard-size drawer (that’s 9 x 15 inches), and comes with seven small caddies: four are rectangular and larger, and three are small and square-shaped. Of course, if you know exactly what you want to store and how big those things are, you can also go for to build your own á la carte drawer organizer set from the many mesh alternatives.

Drawer Organizer

Bottom Line

There are innumerable home office furniture options that you may come across in the market once you’ve planned to switch working remotely. Only two suggestions at hand for you: first of all, keep a check on your budget for the workspace organization and secondly; tick mark the functionality requirements. Furthermore, also keep in mind that you may get back to the traditional working environment once this pandemic is settled – so better to choose something that you can use in the physical office too or can re-use with minor changes as a part of your home furniture.