American football is a huge part of the national culture and a sport loved by millions. If you play football, you likely work hard every day to get better at the game. While there is no substitute for practice, knowing where to focus your efforts can help. So, grab your football socks and pads. It is time to work on enhancing your game.

1) Exercise Ever Day

In football (and all sports) there is no substitute for fitness. Get in the habit of exercising every day. Ideally, this should include some cardiovascular exercise and resistance training.

For example, you could run a few miles a day then hit the weight room to build your muscles. Football combines both of these physical needs. You must be fit enough to keep moving all game. Endurance and strong lungs will help you outlast your opponents. You also need to be strong enough to move others. No matter what position you play, you’re going to need muscle to get the job done.

Additionally, you will want to work on your flexibility. Make sure to stretch daily before and after exercising. Also, do some whole-body exercises. Heavy rope exercises and quick-feet drills are great examples of this.

2) Be a Great Teammate

Always endeavor to be a good teammate. Support the rest of your team both on and off the field. Football is not an individual sport. In fact, it is one of the few sports in which even the most dominant players cannot win alone. The game is all about working together. So, always be ready to work together.

Check your ego at the door and focus on achieving results as a group. When someone needs support, help them. Professional teams have organized activities to help with team cohesion and bonding. This emphasis on the team is essential at every level of play.

3) Work on Explosive Speed

When playing football, you will often need to move very quickly very suddenly. This can include sprinting from a standstill, making sudden direction changes and kicking up to max speed from a run. In other words, you need to be able to get into high gear at a moment’s notice.

Working on wind sprints and similar exercises can help with this. Additionally, when training, always make sure to do some practice at top speed. The more you enhance your explosive power, the readier you will be for the next game.

These types of exercises can increase the likelihood of injury. Don’t forget to stretch properly and put on your football socks for extra ankle support.

4) Watch the Professionals

Watching professional games can be a good way to improve your play. While the pros are capable of flashy plays and maneuvers that you shouldn’t try to copy without serious work and practice beforehand, they also display the fundamentals of the game.

Look at their footwork and communication. If you pay close attention, you can see how they collaborate on the field without speaking. You can also see how they position themselves to achieve success in a play. Studying excellent play is a good way to enhance your own skill set.

5) Know the Plays

Football teams all employ a playbook. Whether you are playing on your first junior league team or representing your high school on the field, knowing the playbook matters.

Don’t just know your own part in the plays. Make sure you also know what your teammates will be doing. This is part of how the professionals know how to read each other. They know the plays and they know what everyone else will be doing.

Many of the greatest players in history achieved success because they studied harder than anyone else. Know the playbook completely and understand what is happening in each play. This is a great way to quickly improve your game.

Get the Right Equipment

You can’t play a great (and safe) game of football without the right equipment. From good quality cleats to protective pads, your safety is worth investing in.

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