Study Hacks

We all know the significance of good grades during university life. It is the achievement that haunts students throughout their academic years and makes them seek all kind of academic assistance.

No doubt, a solid academic record tends to open many doors for a student, down the line. Not to mention, by becoming a straight-A student, a student gets to learn many valuable traits and values like discipline, hard work, and determination.

All these values learned and practiced throughout the academic years not only assist in achieving better grades but also serve the student well in later stages of life, especially personal life.

So, are you ready to dig deep and dig out the ultimate study hacks that will help you make the most of your time without compromising on other life activities?

Let’s dive in to discuss in detail.

Hack #1: Come up with a plan

The first rule of achieving top grades is to keep track of time and focus on your plan. With the progression of your semester, remember the key dates. It may include multiple dates like project submission deadline, exams or term breaks, etc

The easiest way to keep these dates remembered or to recall them is to enter them into a digital or physical calendar. In case you prefer a physical calendar, we would recommend you to try a management diary. It lets you seek all the events in a week, at a single glance. However, if you are contented with a digital calendar, nothing could be more feasible and simpler than Google calendar.

Hack #2: Be Organised

Did you ever spend hours searching for your assignment or notes to start working on your essay task? Did you ever request someone to ‘do my essay’? If yes, then you need to be organized. You had already wasted your precious time searching for your valuable items.

Even though you may have kept all of your assignments and notes in one big pile, but mostly you only sort it out a day before your exams.

What needs to be done is to simply get your hands on an accordion folder or keep it with you at school. Use one section of the folder for one subject only. Label every section to make it more comfortable. Keeping a binder at home doesn’t take more than 15 – 20 minutes a week to manage, but in the long run, it will save you many hours.

Hack #3: Be Healthy

A good student is not just about planning and organizing notes or spending hours reading, writing, researching. To be a good and successful student, you need to be in good shape first. As much as mental health is crucial to living a happy life, the same amount of consideration should also be given to your physical health.

Isn’t the students’ common problem to feel sleep deprived and tired?

If a student is not physically healthy, they cannot focus or concentrate in class. They lack enthusiasm and energy and may end up daydreaming. Falling sick is another quagmire they often deal with.

Precisely, being physically healthy is the foundation of a student’s academic excellence. Working on your physical health doesn’t mean to have an Olympic level athlete physique, but adjusting your diet and work out plans as required.

Hack #4: Arrange a distraction-free area for study

If you are looking forward to making your study session as much fruitful as possible, turn off your cell phone and keep it at least 15 feet away from the study area. It’s better to keep the study area clutter-free. To be more focused, allow yourself to work in 40 – 45-minute blocks and every time you complete one session, pat yourself on the back and reward yourself by watching a YouTube video, eating a favorite snack or going for a short walk.


In the bottom line

If you already feel overwhelmed by reading all these hacks, then start with a short break. After all, nobody is asking you to put everything in place at once but rather adopt one habit at a time. As you know, becoming a straight-A student is not an achievement, but what actually counts is the process and practices that guide you to be successful and to remain successful without a hitch.