netflix password reset

Netflix is a top-rated video streaming service that had initially started its services in the United States. Through this platform, viewers can access a wide variety of digital content online like TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc. on their internet-connected devices.

In Netflix, there is always something new to discover. Almost every month, many new titles get added. A vast array of regional content is also available on the streaming platform and their Netflix Originals Shows and Films.

Today, the American company produces and distributes content from various countries and in multiple languages worldwide. Recent titles and the Netflix service can also be available to watch tonnes of old movies and shows, which got released even before the platform came into the business.

Additionally, there is also a kids’ section on Netflix, which is exclusively dedicated to the kids. That section’s content strictly focuses on cartoon shows, cartoon movies, or content made for kids only. Nowadays, many people even prefer to save time by watching new movies on this online streaming platform, relaxing on their couch rather than watching them in the cinemas.

But all these Netflix services do not come free of cost. To protect those movies and TV shows, a user must pay for his/her Netflix subscription done from beforehand. But you can get HBO Go accounts for free here. These days, Netflix is not only confined to your laptop or desktop screens. Instead, one can stream and enjoy Netflix content, even smartphones, tablets, and smartphones.

There are a variety of subscription and tariff plans depending upon the user’s choices. Netflix allows the usage of only 1, 2, or 4 screens at a single time according to the respective subscription plans. Hence, a single user who is allowed access from only one smartphone screen at a time can keep his/her account open in supposing two of his smartphones and watch from whichever device is feasible for him/her at a particular period.

Similarly, the Netflix accounts, which involve sharing more than one screen, can be kept logged in from multiple people’s multiple devices. This practice has often led to password related problems among several Netflix users. In such situations, Netflix helps its users find out who is using their password or account and eventually finds solutions for the account’s password protection issues.

To find this out, one needs to log in to their Netflix account and then go to their activity page. From the activity page, one can easily find out who is using or currently viewing his/her account. This helps in collecting clues regarding the Netflix account usage.

Netflix tracks down the people’s IP addresses using the particular account and the devices used for logging in, giving complete transparency in the Netflix account usage.

If you have forgotten your account password, resetting it can be a bit confusing, so why not find out the previous Netflix password instead of resetting it.

To do so, one must have a Windows PC or laptop set up, and Google Chrome installed on the computer or PC setup.

  • Firstly, load Windows and then install the ‘Edit my cookies’ extension on Chrome. This extension is readily available on the Google search results.
  • Then, one has to enable the extension from the extension tab on Google Chrome.
  • After this, navigate to Netflix on the Chrome webpage, assuming that one has his/her Netflix account automatically logged in on Google Chrome.
  • Then, open ‘Edit my cookies’ from the extensions button and write down the values of the cookies’ Secure Netflix’ and ‘Netflix.’ These should be written just as it is stated above.
  • Following this, boot up your Windows and install the ‘Edit my cookies’ extension on Google Chrome.
  • After that, navigate to Netflix and then click to add a new cookie and then Enter Name: ‘Netflix’ and the user’s values. The domain expiration and the rest don’t matter in this.
  • When this is done, one must click on the Submit cookie changes button located on the bottom right corner.
  • Again, add a new cookie and enter the name ‘SecureNetflixid’ and the same copied values again. Even now, the Domain expiration doesn’t matter, but one must click the checkbox next to Secure.
  • After all these steps are done, one needs to Submit the cookie changes and Submit the cookie list page’s cookie

Now he/she needs to log in to their Netflix account, and this process should log him/her into their respective Netflix account.

This process duplicates his/her Netflix login session from the Windows partition and eventually allows the user to access his/her Netflix account even without resetting their Netflix password.

Although this is a bit tricky to perform, still if one can follow these steps above correctly without missing any, he/she can log in to their respective Netflix accounts even without having the confusion and useless hassles of resetting their Netflix Password.

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