Whether you’re a Bristolian or not, there are just fun and amazing things that will make you fall in love with the city and county of Bristol in just a blink of an eye. 

With its striking beauty, diversified city, and interesting history, you can’t just say “No” to the idea of visiting Bristol for once in your life. 

And if you’re looking for more reasons before you book a flight and set foot on the grounds of Bristol, just continue browsing the next pages and find out the captivating facts about the place. 

Read and get ready to be amused by the amazement and thrill that the city of Bristol brings!

  1. Hot air balloons stand as a famous symbol of Bristol city. In fact, the city is known as the largest producer of hot air balloons in the whole world.

With that being said, you may want to pay a quick visit to Cameron Balloons factory in Bedminster which makes the most number of hot air balloons than any other cities around the globe. [proceed to the next key point]

  1. Bristol is home to Europe’s biggest hot air balloon fiesta. Due to its love and passion for manufacturing the largest volume of hot air balloons, Bristol holds its own hot air balloon festival to give honour to them.  
  1. The Clifton Suspension Bridge is probably one of the best and most well-known tourist attractions in Bristol but more than that, it holds a more interesting fact from its past. 

This was back on April 1, 1979, when one of the members of Oxford University’s Dangerous Sports Club bungee-jumped from the Suspension Bridge. 

That historical jump from Bristol’s famous Clifton Suspension Bridge gave birth to a new and thrilling sport, which is best-known today as “bungee jumping”. 

You may read this article for more information: World’s ‘first’ bungee jump in Bristol captured on film 

  1. With a little to no connection with the previous fact, there was a 22-year old lady named Sarah Ann Henley who jumped off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1885. 

The lady made the unbelievable act after her fiance cancelled their supposed engagement through a letter. 

But what’s more interesting is that the lady was able to make it up until the age of 85 after surviving the dare-devil jump. 

Well, great thanks to her huge crinoline skirt which served as a parachute that slowed her fall and blew her onto the land instead. 

  1. Since Bristolians are known for doing things on their own choice, they launched Bristol pound back in 2012. 

That initiative of producing a Bristol pound made Bristol city acquire its own currency.

  1. The Bristol Zoo has been operating since 1836. With its age in the industry, it’s considered as the 5th oldest zoo in the whole world.

The Bristol Zoo is known as home to many of the city favourites over the years. 

  1. If you love festivals, then you better not take the chance of experiencing Europe’s largest street art and graffiti festival slip out of your hand. 

Well, since Bristol is truly an amazing city and county, you may experience this most-awaited festival called Upfest by paying a quick visit to this magnificent city. 

  1. Are you a fan of Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy? 

If you are, then you must know that David Prowse, an actor prominently-known for portraying the physical form of Darth Vader, was actually an English bodybuilder and a Bristolian. 

Where to stay in Bristol?

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Final say:

So, what can you say about these fun and amazing facts about Bristol city, huh? Isn’t it a satisfying and interesting place to consider adding on your bucket list? 

Well, if you think we missed out some facts that are worthy of some spots above, feel free to give us a nudge.

By Kath Ramirez

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