Amazing Women

Women in society are well-protected and are always looked at as caring, nurturing beings. Despite those traits, there are some women who have changed the world for the better, changing the opinion on traditional thoughts about women. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of women and exemplify 5 amazing women who have changed the world as we know it.

1. Jane Austen

Jane Austen

We start off the list with a literary figure called Jane Austen. Despite her short-lived life, dying at the age of 41, she had more influence on British culture than anticipated. Let’s see, how exactly did she do that?

Well, Jane was no ordinary kid, and at a very young age, she started to put pen to paper and published 4 novels she wrote over 4 years! Apart from that, she released a total of 7 novels, 6 of which revealed how life was in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

As of today, to portray the density of her impact, Jane is in every person’s pocket in the form of £10 notes. This just goes to show how humongous her impact was on British culture and the world as a whole.

2. Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale

Next up on the list is the world-famous war-hero nurse Florence Nightingale. Born in Italy in 1820, she went against traditional expectations of her to become a nurse. Her very wealthy family frowned upon her career choice, so she moved to London to pursue her studies.

After establishing herself as a competent nurse, she got her first call-up to Crimea, where she was asked to assemble a team and take care of British soldiers during the Crimean war.

Things weren’t easy for her as she arrived, though, as the male doctors there wanted nothing to do with her. But her persistence paid off as she started off cleaning the place up and soon made able soldiers do the scrubbing for her.

After the war, she was welcomed home a hero, even getting a letter from Queen Victoria as thanks for her service. Florence completely changed the quality of care in war and managed to improve healthcare throughout the world.

3. Emmeline Pankhurst  

   Emmeline Pankhurst  

Next, we have the founder of the all-women group called “Suffragettes,” Emmeline Pankhurst. She is the very woman who managed to get women the right to vote and would use extreme and violent tactics, too, making her no stranger to a prison cell.

Things took a turn for the greater for her and her movement when World War 1 broke out, leaving most men in war. Instead of using her usual tactics, she decided to help out in society by working jobs mostly borne by men, earning her and the “Suffragettes” massive respect in society, inevitably earning women the right to vote.

A vote was passed in 1918, earning certain women the right to vote, which was a huge step forward in the equal rights movement.

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4. Marie Curie

Marie Curie    

Marie Curie is another fabulous woman to grace the world of science when no other woman dared. Born in Poland in 1867, she didn’t do much in Warsaw, but as soon as she moved to France, she made a discovery that changed the world.

She met a man called Pierre in France, who was also a scientist and married him. Together, they took on work done by previous scientists and built on it, earning them a Nobel Prize in 1903.

Marie didn’t stop there, however, as she went on to win another Nobel Prize all by herself in 1911, the first woman to ever achieve this amazing feat. The question is, what exactly were the discoveries that made the Curies win the Nobel Prize?

The Curies made a ground-breaking discovery about something called radioactivity. Through this discovery, they discovered two new chemical elements – polonium and radium.

What makes these discoveries world-changing is that they used the discoveries to develop what we now call “radiotherapy,” which is used to cure many illnesses. They were also able to develop X-rays, a vital part of any hospital today. Developing that meant that Curie could carry around a portable X-ray unit near the war battlefront.

5. Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

Our last on the list is the fashion diva, Coco Chanel. From science to fashion, she changed the world of fashion forever. Born in France, she taught herself to sew at a very young age, a soft skill she would go on to use later in life.

Her first commercial success came with a shop she opened in the early 1900s where she sold designed hats. Soon, she turned her attention to clothes as well, and by the 1920s, she launched her first perfume.

She led the way into luxury fashion, and today, her brand sells clothes, perfumes, handbags, and watches. If you ever heard of the saying ‘ little black dress ’ or LBD, you have her to thank. Chanel is now a billion-dollar company, having one heck of an impact on the fashion industry.


And that was that these are some of the revolutionary women that broke the traditional rules to change the course of history forever. From war heroes to fashion icons, women have proved to us all once again that they are bigger than the perceptions the world has on them.

All of this definitely begs the question, what else will women do? How else will they positively turn the world around? One thing we have come to expect over the course of history is that women are unique and have an identity in the world next to men. And although men have achieved their fair share of innovative discoveries, women are not that far behind.

You give them an inch, and they take a mile. They don’t look like they are going to run out of juice any time soon and have established many innovations and empires that compete with the men who are far more capable. It’s just a matter of time till we realize the true strength of a woman in society and how much of an impact their advances can have on the planet.

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