Yoga for Addiction Recovery

Yoga for Addiction Recovery… and Maybe More!

When we think of substance abuse recovery, we usually think about sterile environments and people in white coats treating patients. We also think about firmly scheduled programs that help patients become healthy again. Not too many people think about yoga as a means for addiction recovery.

Alternative forms of therapy have become very popular at rehab centers. People who suffer from addiction to any substance not only want to get rid of the toxins residing in their bodies, but they want to heal emotionally. Doing this means different things to different people. Some want a spiritual experience, while others want to become connected with their body and mind again.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice, defined as a Hindu, spiritual and ascetic discipline which includes breathing control and meditation, that is very popular. People from all walks of life practice yoga for a variety of reasons, not only for physical fitness but also for addiction recovery. It is soothing, even though the positions seem intimidating at first, and it gets you in shape. Holding those poses is exceptionally challenging, so you must focus. Perhaps this is the reason it is a popular practice for those recovering from addiction.

How Can Yoga Help for Addiction Recovery?

People who choose yoga as a holistic addiction recovery method report enjoying the meditation and how this discipline helps them direct their attention inward. When someone is addicted to a substance, they lose their connection not only to their friends and family but their inner self. All they can think about is when they are next going to use. During recovery, therefore, many people seek some form of holistic help, of interconnectedness.

Yoga also helps with other emotions such as anger or guilt, which are very common during the recovery from drugs or alcohol addiction. Yoga can help to keep a person calm and prevent rash responses to stimuli. Moreover, many people report feeling connected to those who participate in this activity, for whatever reason. They can share how this experience changed them, how they started focusing on their inner selves.

Yoga is generally used as a complementary technique, to allow the mind to focus on the positive things in life. Most likely it will not help you recover from addiction by itself. You will still need to enter a treatment program specifically designed to tackle your addiction needs with the help of professionally trained healthcare providers. Some of the best drug rehab programs offer holistic options, including yoga, to their patients. It is something you can continue doing even after you leave the facility.

One of the most significant benefits of practicing yoga during addiction recovery is that it will help you heal your soul, which was severely bruised during your darkest days.

Substance addiction is a traumatic experience because you lose all control, become irrational, and keep doing something you know is harmful, not only to your health but your relationships with friends and loved ones.

Practicing yoga is medicine for the soul. For centuries it has helped people restore balance to their lives. That is why yoga and other holistic treatment options are becoming popular additions at many rehab centers.

So where can you go from here? It is well known the positive effects on why Yoga can help you with.  However many are intimidated buy the whole process of getting started.  You need to dive, and realize that the positive effects of the workout is going be both mental and physical.  Look up your nearest Yoga instructor today and get started.  The benefits are endless as discussed above for our readers.