Bluehost Vs cHostgator

Choosing the right platform to host your website is crucial. The success of any website hugely depends on the hosting provider. While there are a number of hosting services available in the market these days, WP Engine, Hostgator and Bluehost are amongst the most popular hosting choices among the free cdn that people opt in for. Let’s take a closer look at what these hosting services have to offer.


Bluehost is a tough competitor in the market and although this hosting service is more expensive as compared to a number of other hosting platforms it still remains a popular choice. Bluehost has been around for a while now and they understand what people are looking for in a hosting service. They offer some great deals which include a dedicated hosting service. Bluehost has various hosting plans based on the user’s requirement. People who are looking to start up their new business can consider hosting their website with Bluehost, however they do not help in increasing traffic. Bluehost guarantees a 99.75% uptime, but their websites do not load as fast as WP Engine hosted websites. Hosting a website with Bluehost will cost you anywhere between $24.99 mo. – $169.99 depending on what service you’re opting in for.


Hostgatror supports WordPress and also provides services for it, however if you’re expecting support, themes and a user friendly control panel that will help in uploading a website without professional help, this is not the right hosting service for you. Hostgator might have some great attractive offers when it comes it hosting, but their services are not at par with WP Engine or Bluehost for that matter. Hostgator services start at just $3.69 per month for a single website hosting. This hosting service offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space. The uptime and website loading speed with Hostgator is not as good as WP Engine and since they do not provide maintenance free website hosting, using their services could turn out to be an expensive option in the long run.

WP Engine

WP Engine still tops the charts to be the number one hosting service provider online. There are a number of reasons users prefer this hosting platform in comparison to other hosting platforms. To begin with, you don’t need to be an expert website designer or graphic designer to host a website with WP Engine. They have a user friendly control panel and they also provide you with loads of themes that you can use to create your websites easily. They have a dedicated technical support team that is available 24/7. When we talk of uptime, WP Engine websites have been up 99.99% of the time and these websites load faster in comparison to similar websites hosted on other platforms. The price to host a website with WP Engine starts at $29.

WPEngine is a world leader in web hosting services, specifically catering to WordPress apps and websites. It is a private company founded in 2010 by Jason Cohen. WPEngine was created to cater to the growing need for scalability, security, and speed. WPEngine has over 40,000 centers and has data canters operating in the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States. WPEngine’s hosting service was also rated 4.5/5 stars by a hosting review website, WhoIsHostingThis. It is definitely the most recommended platform for someone that is looking to start something individually. This could be on a small scale or even a business site. The plans provided by WPEngine are:

  • Personal Plan / $29 a month – Guarantees 25,000 visits per month with local storage of over 10GB. It even includes 24/7 chat support.
  • Suitability: Suitable for personal bloggers and local websites.
  • Professional Plan / $99 a month – Guarantees 100,000 visits per month with over 20GB of local storage. It includes 24/7 chat and phone support and supports 3rd party SSL.
  • Suitability: Suitable for small businesses or shops selling their services online.
  • Business Plan / $249 a month – Guarantees 400,000 visits per month with local storage of over 30GB. It includes 24/7 chat and phone support and supports 3rd party SSL. This plan is also multisite ready.
  • Suitability: Suitable for medium scale and some large-scale businesses depending on the traffic expected on the site.
  • Premium Plan – The Premium Plan cost will be revealed only after you state your requirements to WPEgine. This plan guarantees over 1 million visits per month with up to 300GB of local storage. You also get a dedicated environment and strategic account management as well.
  • Suitability: Perfect plan for large businesses who expect their website to handle large-scale traffic with amazing stability.
  • Enterprise Plan – The Enterprise Plan cost will be revealed only after you state your requirements to WPEgine. This plan guarantees over 5 million visits per month with up to 1TB of local storage. You also get a dedicated environment and strategic account management as well. You also get 24/7 ticketless support.
  • Suitability: This plan is perfect for large multinationals that need multiple sites with a lot of traffic. These companies would need their website to run at optimum utilization at all times.

Whatever your requirement, WPEngine has a plan for you. You do not have to worry about costs as well. WPEngine offers various offers and coupon codes that you can redeem and get a cheaper plan for yourself. Keeping in mind the stiff competition, WPEngine is certainly heading the market with excellent technology, unmatched service, and competitive pricing. You need to keep in mind various factors before deciding what the best plan is for you. The number of visits expected per month is the most crucial factor. WPEngine provides stability based on the number of visits per month. Any more traffic can cause problems like a website crash. To avoid this, know your business well and stay ahead of the game by anticipating your success and choosing a wise plan. Staying one step ahead is half the battle won.

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