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Why should we have to choose asphalt pavement!

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A construction example of parking lot construction:

The parking lot is common in every area, but I think that the materials used are various, such as gravel, concrete or asphalt commonly used by the driveway paving contractors. Both materials have advantages and unique features, as ill as disadvantages and problems.

Among those who actually have parking lots, I think that some people have problems such as weeds growing and poor drainage. However, these disadvantages may be solved simply by changing the paving material to asphalt.

In this issue, I will give examples of problems at parking lots using materials such as gravel, soil, and concrete, and at the same time introduce solutions for asphalt pavement. There are many things that can only be done by asphalt. Please know the features and benefits of asphalt, aim to a comfortable parking lot by all means.

A case of paving a gravel parking lot:

First, let’s look at the gravel parking lot. Gravel can be finished cheaper than asphalt or concrete paving, but it also has problems such as easy grass growing. How can I solve it?

Many troubles at the gravel parking lot:

In the parking lot of gravel, there is a problem that grass grows especially from the spring to the autumn. Even if you try to process the grass, the roots that got in between the gravels and the lower part are quite persistent and hard to process.

Another thing that tends to happen at the gravel parking lot is that the stone bounces and strikes the body of the car. It is a very troublesome problem for those who use a car carefully.

Also, as the gravel stones jump out of the parking lot range, the gravel decreases year by year. As gravel decreases, I cannot keep the function as a parking lot, so I need to rebuild gravel after a time.

Introduction of pavement construction examples:

When changing gravel to asphalt pavement, first the surface is excavated. If you can dig gravel to a certain extent prepare the crushed stone and reprocess the crushed stone in the gravel area where grass grows ill. After that, I will prepare the roadbed by doing the rolling work.

After the rebuilding of the roadbed, I will spread the asphalt and level it.

Finally, if necessary, I will install a car stop block etc.

Eliminate your troubles with asphalt construction:

Paving gravel parking lots to denser asphalt makes grass less prone to grow. Besides not only eliminating the trouble of pulling out the weed growing from the gravel but also because the asphalt is hardened, unlike gravel, cleaning of the dead leaves falling into the parking lot becomes easy. As there is no danger of hitting gravel on the car, asphalt pavement is recommended to keep the car beautiful.

Example of paving the soil parking lot:

Next is a case of a parking lot made of soil. The parking lot of the earth is weak to water and weeds are easy to grow. Let’s see what kind of benefits can be gained by using asphalt pavement and how to do a renovation.

Many troubles at the parking lot of the soil:

The parking lot of the earth is easy to be influenced by the weather depending on the weather. On sunny days without winds, you can park comfortably without problems, but various problems will occur on rainy days and windy days.

For example, when it rains, the earth mixes with rain every day and flows out to the road, the surface of the parking lot wears down. It will be hard to get in and out of the car as the surface will be muddy on rainy days. On a windy day, the soil dances, not only the soil of the parking lot decreases but also the soil that dance will contaminate the car that is stopped.

Also, it is a disadvantage that grass grows as easily as gravel.

Eliminate your troubles with asphalt construction:

By changing the parking lot of the soil to asphalt pavement, every problem like the one described earlier will almost disappear. If the drainage is good asphalt, the ground will not get muddy, it will not be like the soil dancing.

There is no need for frequent maintenance, as a weak chance of growing weeds in soil is low in asphalt. It is asphalt pavement that can be comfortably used in a less burden form.

A case of paving a parking lot of concrete soil:

Concrete often used in general houses and shops is a popular pavement. Concrete has different pavement methods and ingredients. Asphalt is a by-product of gasoline, using asphalt mixed material while concrete is a combination of cement, gravel, and water.

Concrete and asphalt tend to be confused, I will show you what kind of problem-solving can be expected by changing pavement from concrete to asphalt.

Many troubles in concrete parking lots:

Because of its nature, concrete is poorly drained, so it becomes a parking lot that is hard to use a bit, such as a puddle on a rainy day.

In addition, concrete has many disadvantages in many cases, so there are demerits that it is easy for the tires to be attached. One of the troubles is that it is easy for cracks to enter concrete when used for many years.

Introduction of pavement construction examples:

In the case of converting concrete pavement to asphalt, it begins by removing old concrete first.

After removing the concrete, lay down crushed stone and do the rolling. After that, like the other pavement work, I lay down the asphalt material and flatten it.

Eliminate your troubles with asphalt construction:

Since asphalt pavement is highly drainable, there is little worry that puddle will form on rainy days. Also, since asphalt is less expensive to pave than concrete, it is more likely to be cheaper than trying to re-concrete pavement again.

In addition, it is more traveling than concrete so you can make parking more comfortable.

The reason why asphalt is suitable for parking pavement:

Asphalt has advantages in all aspects such as ease of use, duration of pavement work, maintenance point, and cost and so on. Although there may be points overlapping with what is stated in the case I introduced earlier, I will introduce it again in the future.

Parking lot becomes easy to use:

First of all, the ground becomes flat and easy to park. Asphalt is easy to clean even when paving wide land. It improves running performance and can drive comfortably.

It is also a characteristic that drainage improves. Because it has very high water drainage, there is no need to worry about getting caught in a puddle after getting off the car, parking on a rainy day is safe.

Can be constructed in a short time:

Although asphalt pavement is often compared to concrete pavement, the short construction period is characteristic of asphalt not found in concrete.

Depending on the relationship between material and temperature, it is said that for concrete pavement, it is generally necessary for a minimum of one week of curing period. However, asphalt pavement is hard to set, so it can be used as a parking lot in a few hours after completion of paving work.

Easy maintenance:

Asphalt pavement requires no trouble after paving.

I introduced earlier that easy maintenance is easy as I do not have to weed. Besides that, even when it is necessary to redraw a line or repair a part, it is also easy to do it myself if it is asphalt.

The cost of paving can be reduced:

The reason for choosing asphalt is the low paving cost. Because the unit price of the asphalt material itself is cheap, it is possible to lower the cost in comparison with concrete pavement.

The cost of asphalt pavement is the sum of drilling cost, disposal cost of pervious paving, crushed stone, and asphalt paving cost. Each cost is calculated by unit price for each area.


The contents of this article are summarized as follows. By paving asphalt, the following benefits are obtained.

  • Water drainage improves to prevent puddle.
  • Weed grow less
  • Construction can be done quickly at the cheap expense
  • Ease of maintenance and less maintenance

Those who are worried about gravel, soil, concrete parking lot, why not consider an asphalt pavement?

If you have uneasy things, you’d better ask the pavers to get an idea about the cost of paving of your parking lot for free.

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