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If you love your pit bull, then you obviously work hard to make sure every aspect of their life is as close to perfect as possible. Their health and wellbeing are so important to you, so you’ve ensured they have all the best toys, eat the right food, and get plenty of exercise. However, how much have you considered their collar?

It might seem like a small thing but getting the right collar is essential. By choosing the best one, you can actually help to alleviate behavioral problems by ensuring your pit bull is relaxed and free from pain. A good collar will also last a long time and help you to keep close control over your pet while out in public.

Read on to find out why pit bulls need special dog collars and how you can choose the right one.

Understanding Pit Bulls

In many ways, pit bulls are a unique breed. Banned in 12 countries around the world, this often misunderstood breed has a reputation for violence and aggression. While, like any dogs, pit bulls can certainly be dangerous, they’re perfectly safe if treated correctly. Part of this treatment includes the collar you buy for your dogs. If you invest in something that keeps your pit bull calm and happy, then you’ll help to avoid behavioral problems.

Yes, they’re a powerful and energetic dog, which is why pit bulls need special dog collars. They need something that keeps the dog under the complete control of the owner, without them feeling agitated or frustrated. You need to simultaneously create a feeling of freedom for your dog while keeping them under close control. The right collar can help you achieve this.

The other thing to consider is their size. They are a large, stocky dog with a thick neck. If you get the wrong kind of collar, it will dig in, causing pain and discomfort. The collar also needs to be adjustable and loose enough so that the pit bull can breathe correctly.

Now you understand the unique nature of your dog, it should be clear why pit bulls need special dog collars. Keep reading to find out how you can choose the right collar for the job.

Pit Bulls Need a Robust Collar

If you’ve ever walked a pit bull, you’ll know how aggressively they can pull on the leash. This isn’t necessarily a sign of the pit bull wanting to be aggressive to other animals or humans. It’s more likely that they have pent up energy and they need to blow off steam. This constant tugging on the leash can wear down a thin collar. Instead, opt for something robust enough to withstand the pressure.

Think about materials. There are certain cloth collars and bandanas which both look cool and keep your pup cool but they aren’t built to last. Many people opt for metal chains, which certainly can keep your pit bull under control. However, you should be fine with a high-quality leather or nylon collar.

Leather is ideal but there are tactical nylon collars that are designed for police dogs and do an excellent job of staying strong under extreme pressure. Rather than shopping online go into a pet shop and give the collar a feel. Ignore the weak flimsy ones designed for pugs and chihuahuas. If you need help, ask the store attendant which is their most robust collar. Remember to bring the dog with you so they can try before you buy!

Pit Bulls Need Something Comfortable

According to PetLifeWorld, given their unique body structure, it can be tricky to find a collar that a pit bull finds comfortable. Something too thin may dig in and cause pain. This is a bad idea because a pit bull in constant pain is bound to act out and become aggressive towards others. To ensure your pit bull defies the stereotype, you need to find a collar that they can wear 24 hours a day without feeling uncomfortable.

This is why a metal chain collar is rarely recommended. It can dig into a pit bull’s skin and cause discomfort. Once again, leather and nylon are your best bets. Leather is particularly good because it can be padded, which is a nice comfortable surface for a dog. Either way, you need something that is thick. Around one to two inches is ideal. Any smaller than this can become tight and dig in as the pit bull pulls on the leash. Furthermore, make sure you get a long enough collar that can be adjusted to fit perfectly. Around 5 inches longer than the circumference of your dog’s neck is usually ideal.

Pit Bulls Need Something Grown Up

Pit bulls are suffering due to the stigma surrounding the breed. This isn’t helped by owners opting for collars that promote a hard or aggressive image. Metal chains and spikes on collars are common choices for pit bull owners but they do nothing but perpetuate a bad image. Instead, consider something a little more grown-up.

This is another reason why pit bulls need special dog collars. With other breeds of dog, the style doesn’t matter so much. That simply comes down to personal preference. With the pit bull, however, the reputation and therefore survival of the breed is at stake. By choosing a grown-up collar, you’re helping to spread the idea that pit bulls are just like any other dog breed, worthy of love and respect. With a better public image, countries that ban pit bulls may rethink their policies.

Now you know why pit bulls need special dog collars, it’s time to go shopping! Choose something you’ll feel proud for them to wear, knowing you’re helping to keep them relaxed and happy. A wide padded leather collar is probably the best option. This will enable you to have the highest levels of control over your dog while ensuring they remain a smart and respectable appearance. Dogs don’t own many possession so a good collar can really make a huge difference to their lives.


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