Why Online Voting of Housing Society is Necessary?

Online Voting of Housing Society

It is a known fact that every housing society conducts elections in every five years for electing the management committee. The elected committee conducts functions of the society for the upcoming five years, again before the tenure of the committee ends, the next elections are held.These elections can’t be avoided and if any society doesn’t conduct it then legal complaints could be launched against them. But smooth and hassle free election procedure is possible only when online medium is selected. That means if housing society app is used for elections, then only completion of entire process is possible.


1. If the management committee decides to conduct the elections online, then it has to first inform the changes made in the process. Only when all the members agree with the decision then only it could be implemented.

2. Management can inform about all other information through the app like if any society meeting is scheduled or the maintenance costs are revised then the members get to know about it instantly through the app. Such as system is beneficial for those members who have invested in a flat of the society but reside somewhere else.

3. It is essential that the management uploads all the documents of the residents on the app so that they can access even 10-year-old documents with a single click. This is possible as all the documents are uploaded to the app.

4. As the visitor’s log is transformed into the digital interface which makes it accessible for every resident of the society. That implies that all the residents can get access to all the details of the visitors. It also helps in security and record keeping of the society.

5. Management can even use the app for calculating penalty along with that it provides the facility of cashless transactions which enable the people to pay maintenance costs online without getting engaged in the hassle of cash.

6. Time to time all the necessary notices must be uploaded on the notice board of the app. Along with the steps could be taken for automating the functioning of the society with the help of the vendors listed on it.

7. Management can even use the app for collecting money and uploading the expense details so, the income and expenses become very transparent and easy to track. Because of online polls, there is no need to waste time at meetings and in case any issue is small, then it could be solved online.


Therefore, if the society is large then there is a possibility that implementation of Housing society voting app for conducting the elections is not implemented easily as management has to first upload the valid documents of all the members then only voting is possible. But once the documents are uploaded any resident can access any document from anywhere. With the help of the app, the residents get information about any visitor in real time and there is no need to worry about the security of the building.