Why is everyone moving to Brooklyn?

Large house with backyard like this one, can be a reason for moving to Brooklyn.

In case you don’t already know, Brooklyn is very popular among families, students, professionals, artists, and many other categories of people who are looking for a new place to call home. No wonder, since it is a highly-populated area with over thirty unique neighborhoods offering a variety of benefits for everyone’s needs. Whether it is a nice sense of community you are looking for, or it is a great job opportunity, moving to Brooklyn may be just the right choice for you.

Why is everyone moving to Brooklyn?

Don’t mislead yourself by some overhyping temporary sensationalized news you may find on the internet about people leaving Brooklyn. Just look at the facts yourself. Professional moving companies like movers101.com are getting busier in the last couple of years. Even a lot of people from Manhattan choose to move their home to Brooklyn. You may ask why, and you will get a pretty straight and easy answer. Brooklyn is in the center of everything, providing connections to all other neighborhoods in New York City. Not only that, but it’s more affordable, there is a lot of children-friendly neighborhoods, and the job opportunities are great. Especially since living in Brooklyn and working in other parts of the city may be the perfect budget-friendly option.

Brooklyn’s affordability may be the reason

If you compare Brooklyn to some other NYC boroughs you will find that home renting or buying prices can be very affordable. You won’t need to spend huge amounts of money on renting as you need in Manhattan, and you will certainly get a lot more space for the price, even for a lot less. Also, even though the prices of food and clothes are lower that doesn’t mean the restaurants, supermarkets, and shops are not first-class. Furthermore, people with families find Brooklyn to be a quite remarkable place for raising children. Finding an appropriate house, with a yard or backyard, is much better when the housing market is so developed and large like in Brooklyn. Just a fact that half of the people living in Brooklyn are also working there can tell you how living costs are good and budget-friendly.

Moving to Brooklyn for work

One of the main reasons people are moving to Brooklyn is because they are looking for a better job opportunity. And Brooklyn makes a perfect ground for developing your career. If you are among young professionals, there are many companies in Brooklyn providing the opportunity for a great start. Also, real estate costs are lower than in Manhattan, which is why many companies decide to start their business here or even to relocate their offices from other places. However, if you are looking for more, Brooklyn’s connectivity makes it possible for you to easily accept a job in Manhattan and other boroughs. Being less crowded but also a business and entrepreneurship center of NYC, living in Brooklyn is a win-win situation.

You will find the best neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a perfect place if you are looking for a neighborhood with a strong sense of community. You will find a lot of distinct neighborhoods with a unique personality, and ethnic diversity, but they all stick together. A lot of local events like festivals and neighborhood barbecues are organized among society. There you have a chance to get to know your neighbors. Spending your time enjoying the view on flat roofs, or hanging with your neighbor in the backyard, is a common thing in Brooklyn. There is a comforting sense of satisfaction and belonging you can see on everyone’s smile. That will make you instantly wish to be a part of it.

Back view of a typical school bus in Brooklyn.
School bus for a safe drive to school.

Some of the neighborhood you should check:

  • Park Slope – Very low crime-rate area with much high-quality public and private schools. However, housing is a bit expensive.
  • Bay Ridge – Family-friendly neighborhood with affordable housing options having a small-town spirit.
  • Fort Greene – The part with a strong sense of community, which is more diverse and more affordable than Park Slope.
  • Flatbush, Red Hook, Bushwick, Green Point, and many others.

The best way to see how it looks like to live there is to pay a visit to one of the local events. Talk to people and listen to what they have to say about neighborhoods.

Diversity and lifestyle in Brooklyn

If you enjoy the place where you have a chance to live among a lot of different cultures and people, then Brooklyn is the right place. Not only that, but people here are very friendly and welcoming, nourishing the real “friendly neighborhood spirit”. Every part of the neighborhood can tell you a story for itself. From the Williamsburg, known as a popular place for artists, across various music venues and art galleries. And all the way to Prospect Park and festivals like a weekly open-air food market called Smorgasburg.

Coney Island beach and Fun Park.
Coney Island outdoor activities for friends and family.

Living space in Brooklyn is worth gold

It’s normal in Brooklyn to have some kind of outdoor space. Whether it might be the backyard or rooftop, you may expect to spend a lot of time there. One of the best skylines can be seen from the top of Brooklyn’s rooftops. Especially if you have a view of Manhattan. No matter what time of the year, those are the places for friendship and fun. Even though Brooklyn is in the central part of NYC, there is a lot of open spaces and parks. That is providing a suburban feel unusual for the location. The two most popular are Prospect Heights Park and Red Hook Park, where you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities like jogging and biking. If the weather allows, you can even find live concerts and many other events.

Lake at Prospect Park for walking in the nature.
Enjoying nature is a great way to relax after a long day in the concrete jungle.

Being a place of endless possibilities, wrapped inside the blanket of the strong sense of community, is maybe the answer to why everyone is moving to Brooklyn. People like to belong and like to enjoy living. They like to take pride in their neighbors and like to raise their children safe. All of that can be accomplished in a borough named Brooklyn.