Which zodiac sign should wear ruby stone?

ruby stone

Vedic astrology believes that the Navratna Gemstones, also known as Navagraha, represent the nine planets of our solar system. Ruby, also called Manik Stone, is one of these astrological gemstones and is considered the King of Gemstones because it represents the Sun, the most important planet that provides life, energy, and hope to our planet. Wearing an original Ruby can bring the blessings and energies of the Sun, and people with a well-placed Sun in their horoscope can benefit greatly from it. The previous blog post details the astrological benefits of wearing a Ruby (Manik) Gemstone.

Ruby is a precious gemstone of the Corundum mineral family and symbolizes courage, wisdom, power, loyalty, divinity, spirituality, and authority. It ranges in color from light pink to dark blood red and is the third hardest gemstone mineral on earth after diamond and Moissanite. The presence of elements such as iron, aluminum oxide, and chromium gives Ruby its rich red appearance.

However, it is essential to wear an original Manik stone to obtain the best results, and the most desirable color in the Ruby family is Pigeon blood-red. Although Ruby is the birthstone of July, it may not be suitable for everyone as it is a supernatural gemstone. The suitability of wearing a Manik stone is determined by Vedic and Western Astrology, and this post explores how and when to wear it.

Benefits Of Wearing Ruby Stone

There are many Benefits of wearing Ruby stone, as they have some Emotional, Motivational, and health-related benefits of wearing Manik Stone, here are some Manik Stone benefits.

  • Natural rubies are expensive, especially those of great quality and size.

  • Smaller rubies with rich hues are affordable and offer a regal and prestigious look.

  • Rubies are an excellent alternative to diamonds because of their warm and upbeat color.

  • Ruby is the birthstone for July and offers more than just a beautiful colored gemstone.

  • Wearing a ruby is believed to increase awareness, focus, and alertness, and can improve eyesight and blood circulation.

  • Rubies are associated with success in certain vocations such as medicine, politics, agriculture, and government.

  • In Ancient time ruby were worn by leaders and kings to show Luxury and supreme power.

  • In the present time, Ruby is associated with luxury and also helps with self-awareness and help to find true destiny.

  • Rubies represent Love and passion and also help fearful people to open up in front of others

  • Rubies make fantastic gifts, especially for romantic gestures.

Who Should Wear The Ruby Gemstone?

The genuine ruby gemstone embodies the elemental essence of fire, which ignites a blaze of passion, power, vigor, and vitality within its wearer. In Indian Vedic astrology, individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign or Singh Rashi are recommended to wear a ruby stone, also known as Manikya ratan. In Western astrology, ruby is considered the birthstone for July, making it an excellent choice for those born in that month.

The ascendants of Aries, Pisces, and Sagittarius zodiac signs are also believed to benefit from wearing a ruby gemstone, although those with a Sagittarius sign or Dhanu Rashi should avoid it if the placement of the Sun is in the 6th, 8th, or 11th houses. Ruby is also considered auspicious for Scorpio sun sign owners if their Sun is positioned in the 5th, 6th, 9th, or 10th house of their horoscope.

An unheated and untreated ruby stone with minimal to no inclusions is believed to provide the best results in terms of astrology. Wearing a natural ruby as per the prescribed method is a comprehensive aesthetic and astrological solution to all problems caused by a misplaced Sun in one’s birth chart.

Price Of Ruby Stone

The pricing of any Gemstone depended on various factors, the same case goes for the Ruby stone price as the pricing majorly depends on 4 factors.

  1. Price As Per Origin
  2. Price As Per Color
  3. Price As Per Clarity
  4. Price As Per Carat


The ruby gemstone, also known as the Manik Stone, is considered a precious and powerful gemstone in Vedic and Western astrology. It is believed to bring blessings and energies of the Sun and is recommended for individuals born under certain zodiac signs, including Leo, Aries, Pisces, and Scorpio. The genuine ruby gemstone is associated with passion, power, vigor, and vitality, and is believed to offer numerous benefits, including increased awareness, focus, alertness, improved eyesight, and blood circulation, and success in certain vocations. And here if you wanna buy Gemstone like Emerald, Blue sapphire, Yellow sapphire, etc so Rashi Ratan Bhagya is a perfect stop for you, here you can buy any gemstone at the Genuine Price with a certificate of authenticity, you should visit the Rashi Ratan Bhagya website. It is important to wear an original Manik stone and follow the prescribed method to obtain the best results. Whether worn for astrological or aesthetic reasons, the ruby gemstone is a beautiful and meaningful choice for anyone looking to add some extra sparkle to their life.