Best Cloud Storage Service

Are you looking for the best cloud storage services for 2020? Well, you have come to the best place to know the differences. It is a very known fact that online cloud storage services have replaced the old hardware store. We all want to store our data where it is safe and could be kept for a lifetime. The online cloud storage services have a benefit that the data is secured and do not have to worry about the storage space, even if you go out of storage you can buy depending on the GB you require.

It is no doubt that this online storage has made things very easy. Before, people used to store their files and photos in a hardware disk, and there was always a risk of a crash. The cloud storage services had made things easier. We can save our data to the drives, and there is no need to store them in computers or phones. Your data is always perfectly safe with this prestige and trusted drives.

So, here is the comparison between the best cloud storage services in the world.

1.  Google Drive

it is a company that does need an introduction; GOOGLE itself owns it. It is free personal storage for the individuals, though only 15GB of storage is given free on every google Id. The storage of 15GB is shared among your photos, Emails, and drive.

For your further need, you can buy more storage depending on which plan you choose. Google Drive lacks the security concern, as while sharing links, it does not have any password option; neither does it have knowledge encryption. Although your account security can make up for your Drive’s security as well, there is still a question over the protection of the actual servers.

2.  One Drive

It is the storage service provided by Microsoft on the first sign in Open Drive. The storage you get is 5GB, Which is sufficient for an average person for office work. The file uploaded on the One Drive can be easily edited without downloading them in person.

Your files and folders are usually automatically saved to the One Drive open under your account. You can even buy more storage on One Drive. Also, sign up for more free storage service.

3.  Zoolz Drive

It is one of the most comfortable Drives you would have ever come across. It is effortless to use and gives about 10GB of data free for a lifetime. The overall privacy and security of the storage are excellent. However, the Zoolz cloud has different sorts of plans that could confuse you a little. This Drive is a good option for you if you are looking for formal storage of your work, office, or portfolios.

4.  pCLOUD Storage

pCloud is considered as the easy to use Drive, where a person can have a free plan of 10GB for a lifetime. It is one of those services that provide lifetime storage for the person’s room. The storage can be extended more according to the plans and that too for a lifetime. It is also synced with most of the social media.

5.  iCloud Drive

It is the most exceptional cloud storage with already existing functions. It is one of the best drives for apple users. It offers 5GB of the free plan for more room. You can upgrade the Drive with different sorts of projects. One of the disadvantages is it comes only for IOS, and android users cannot use it. If this had happened for both android and apple users, this Drive would have been the most popular and mostly used.

All these cloud storages are excellent and unique in their way. Every Drive has its advantages and disadvantages. Some would have more room but less privacy protection, where some have more privacy protection and less cloud storage. There has always been a fierce competition between these drives to showcase themselves as the best. It depends on the users which of the Drive or storage service they consider best for themselves.

In my personal opinion, I prefer the google drive, as it provides you 15 GB of storage for free, and you can buy more according to your need. Even though you don’t want to purchase the storage, you can make another google id and access 15 GB of space free.


Always prefer the cloud storage via FreeAccount that comes out of any renowned company or website. Your data’s privacy is more important than anything in this world. Do not ever choose that could stake your privacy of storage. People often regret when their information is leaked, and their privacy is no longer protected.

Stay safe and choose safer!

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