Moving to Tigard

Moving to a new place can be a challenge but is often necessary to start a new career or enhance your life in other ways. Among the most popular areas these days to move to is in the pacific northwest. Oregon has become one of the more popular locations for people looking to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life or just enjoy the great outdoors more often. Tigard, OR could be your next home, and here are some things you will want to know before making that big move.

Understanding the Weather

It is no secret that living in the Northwestern portion of the United States can be a challenge for those hoping for endlessly sunny conditions. It rains in Tigard, OR, a lot, but thankfully, most of the rainy season is dedicated to the winter season when most people stay put up in their homes anyway. Throughout the rest of the year and into the summer, you can expect a high of no more than 82 degrees with a low of just 55 degrees. The mild weather draws people from around the country and you will love the ability to simply wear a light jacket on cool fall or spring days.

How Big or Small is Tigard, OR

Tigard, OR does not have the intense population that Portland or other large cities in Oregon maintains. However, it is considered a medium sized city with a population of just over 54,000. In a city of this size, you can expect a little anonymity, as you will not know everyone, but you can expect to see neighbors and friends around town on your daily errands.

Homes here can be a little pricey and people moving into the city often rent a place for a while before settling on the option to purchase. Although apartments and rental spaces are spacious, you might want to invest in storage units in Tigard, OR as closet and storage space in rentals can be difficult to manage. A storage unit gives you ample space for all your belongings without compromising your living area in any way.

Travel Concerns

While living in Tigard, OR, you will likely want to have your own vehicle. The city is located on Highway 217 without adequate access to interstates. The city is not large enough for to have a comprehensive transit system, so having your own transportation will allow you to easily move about the city. Tigard, OR is a walkable city and easy to bike around, so if you live close enough to the city, you can last, for a while without a personal vehicle while still being able to get your necessities.

You Will Enjoy Cook Park

Cook Park in Tigard OR is one of the most vital meeting places for locals. This Park is the largest in the city and is perched directly on the Tualatin River so running, biking, or just walking around this 79-acre green space offers some impressive views. Cook Park is a regular location for playing sports and family picnics. This Park also has a convenient boat ramp for access to the river and 5 picnic shelters available. The largest of these shelters is rated to hold up to 250 people, so even if you have a considerably large family, you can all be together in one space for a small rental fee. For the kids, open spaces offer plenty of area to run and a butterfly garden to enjoy as well.

Broadway Rose Theater

When you live in Tigard, OR, you do not have to worry about traveling far to enjoy the cultural theatrical arts. The Broadway Rose Theater is the largest theatrical company in the state and has been continuously running since 1992. Many people throughout Tigard, OR work for the theater and currently, it employs over 250 employees including educators, technicians, and artists along with an additional 250 volunteers that provide endless entertainment throughout the year. Children’s summer programs are a significant part of their productions that provide education and fun for kids of all ages.

A Little Shopping

In a city the size of Tigard, OR you might not expect to see an expansive shopping area. Where the city does not have a dedicated indoor mall, it does have a large shopping space known as Bridgeport Village. This shopping district offers some of the most well-known big-name stores to tempt your shopping needs, but also small, one of boutiques for shopping small and supporting local businesses. However, this shopping destination is not merely devoted to satisfying your retail needs but maintains plenty of food options and even the largest IMAX theater in the state, so you will spend a lot of time wandering around this part of the city.

Local History

Getting to know your new home means more than just finding the local hang out. It also means embracing the history of the area. In Tigard, OR, the John Tigard House is where the history of the area comes alive. The structure was built in 1880 by John Tigard. Tigard’s son was the original founder of the town, and the house was designed in the illustrious Queen Anne style. Throughout the years, the home changed hands and even became dilapidated in the early 70s, but revitalization projects moved the home to route 99W in order to preserve it and bring new life into the walls.

Today the Tigard House is a beautiful depiction of the times and offers a unique look into the history of Tigard, OR. The museum if featured on the National Register of History and has unique exhibits such as toys from the 1930s, so there is something for everyone to look at in the Tigard House.

Vegan Friendly

Vegan friendly restaurants are near impossible to find in many locations throughout the country, but in Tigard, OR, Vegans are praised by a company called Native Foods. This Vegan friendly restaurant is now nationally known, but the original location started right here in 1994. If you want to sample the original Native Foods, come here and come here often because their menu is updated seasonally, so there is always something new to enjoy.

Make the move to the Pacific Northwest and never look back again. Tigard, OR is known for being a fun and energetic city with a lot to offer, so when seeking refuge in a new environment consider this unique and inspiring place.

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