SAP ABAP on HANA Training


To begin with, SAP ABAP refers to Advanced Business Application Programming. It is a high-level programming language that facilitates the mass processing of data in SAP business applications. In addition, it is a multi-paradigm programming language, that allows programmers to use procedural, object-oriented, and other programming principles. SAP ABAP is capable of running side by side with other programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, and SAPUI5.

Significant features of SAP ABAP:

SAP BAP provides an optimum user interface and makes program creation, debugging, and maintenance much simpler than ever. In addition, it supports Open SQL, Native SQL, and ADBC database connectivity services for optimal program creation and maintenance. SAP ABAP facilitates object-oriented programming and allows developers to meet modular application development. Above all, it features object-oriented programming for modular application development. Apart from these, given below are some of the significant features of SAP ABAP.

  • Security- The SAP ABAP module consists of encompasses authentication, authorization, encryption, and logging features.
  • Logging- This module comes with application tracking and debugging features.
  • Debugging Tools- SAP ABAP provides various debuggers and trace tools.
  • Reporting Types- This module provides support for ALV Grids, Lists, and Queries as report types.

Benefits of Using SAP ABAP:

SAP ABAP is a highly popular and beneficial programming language that helps in improving SAP-based applications. In addition, it allows users to create custom reports and interfaces. SAP ABAP provides support for logical databases and facilitates the abstraction of code from basic database levels. Furthermore, this language provides an abstraction of SQL syntax that is part of the ABAP language. It offers a security code as it integrates with SAP NetWeaver’s security infrastructure. SAB APAB comes with a data dictionary and provides quality assurance. Apart from these, given below are some of the benefits of using SAP ABAP on HANA Training.

  • ABAP Debugger- This tool helps in performing functional troubleshooting in programs.
  • Development Guidelines- It comes with a set of general and ABAP-specific guidelines that helps programmers create applications.
  • Development Tools- SAP ABAP provides many development tools which are downloadable plugins.
  • Managed Database Procedures- SAP ABAP helps in executing the complicated code inside a database via stored procedures.
  • ABAP Unit- This is a testing tool useful for developers to check the functions of code sections.
  • CDS Views- This tool permits programmers to take full advantage of the SAP HANA database.
  • Repository Information System- This is a repository object searching tool that is accessible via the Object Navigator or t-code SE15.
  • SAP GUI- It is the interface in the presentation layer of applications that are built with ABAP code that runs on the desktop.
  • SAP NetWeaver as ABAP- This is a part of the client-server that allows you to create ABAP programs.
  • Two-Track Method Development- This development method facilitates the simultaneous development of two versions of a method.

Is SAP ABAP a Good Career Choice?

Learning SAP ABAP provides many career opportunities in the software development domain. This is an outstanding career choice and global companies offer many advancements in it. In addition, there are many online tutorials and training programs available for starting the journey to becoming an SAP ABAP specialist. SAP ABAP is an excellent career profession that ideal for aspirants who have an interest in the IT domain. Many institutes provide SAP ABAP on HANA Training and one can enroll in them to start a career in it.

How Can I Learn SAP ABAP?

SAP ABAP is a highly popular and useful programming language. It is used by many leading businesses all over the world. Many companies look towards hiring skilled professionals in the sap ABAP Language. Thus, generating numerous high-paying career opportunities in this domain. Learning SAP ABAP offers you many career advantages. Below are some of the ways you can start learning SAP ABAP.

  • Take an online course that covers everything from scratch to detailed and advanced levels.
  • Attend a workshop and this will provide you with full SAP ABAP experience. It’s better to sign up for a workshop that provides hands-on instruction.
  • Study SAP ABAP from numerous books available. Get effective SAP ABAP study material from SAP ABAP on HANA Online Training.
  • Continuously practicing SAP ABAP will help you learn it much more quickly. Furthermore, it will let you showcase any programming skills.
  • Above all, you can start working as an intern in some organization to get some hands-on experience.


SAP ABAP is a high-level programming language that makes it easier for SAP business systems to process large amounts of data. SAP ABAP may coexist with other programming languages like Java, JavaScript, and SAPUI5 on the same computer. The ideal user interface offered by SAP BAP makes creating, debugging, and maintaining programs easier than ever. Object-oriented programming is made easier by SAP ABAP, which also enables developers to create modular applications. The programming language SAP ABAP is very well-liked and helpful for enhancing SAP-based systems. In conclusion, there are several employment prospects in the field of software development after learning SAP ABAP.

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