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What Are The Uses Of Flax-Seed Oil For The Body?

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Flaxseed oil is a rich supplement of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic (ALA) acid. The ALA acid and related chemicals in flaxseed oil may decrease inflammation. That is the reason why flaxseed oil is thought to be useful for arthritis, specifically, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory or swelling diseases.

Flaxseed oil is known for its various health benefits, which include lowering inflammation, reducing cancer risk, and preventing heart disease among various others. There are many more health benefits, along with some side effects and precautions that are to be taken when adding flaxseed oil to your diet.

Heals Your Skin

Summer is the season when you experience dry and itchy skin. Due to its high inflammatory index, flaxseed oil helps minimize skin irritation, redness, and inflammation of any sort. Skin rashes go away with topical application. If you are suffering from any chronic skin conditions like acne that does not go away, rosacea or dermatitis, you can take a drop of flaxseed oil on your finger and apply it on the affected area and blend it in.

Moisturises Your Skin

Flaxseed oil moisturizes the skin and hydrates it from within. The essential fatty acids present in flaxseed oil smoothen the skin’s appearance and make it super soft. You can apply flaxseed oil on its own or mix it with a bit of a light-weight moisturizer and apply it evenly over your face before sleeping. Consuming flax oil capsules also has a positive effect on the skin.

Gives You An Even Skin Tone

Constant exposure to sunlight and everyday stress causes damage to the skin. To ensure that you have smooth and clear skin, take a few drops of flaxseed oil on your palm and rub it for a few minutes to warm it. Massage your face with your palms for a few minutes. Later, wash off with lukewarm water or keep it on for the entire night to get a radiant and glowing skin when you wake up in the morning.

Reduces Dark Circles

Another great advantage of applying flaxseed oil is that it helps to reduce dark circles significantly. Use it continuously for a week under your eyes. It will give you clear skin around the eyes and make the area look bright.

Flaxseed oil is popularly known to cleanse the body from the inside and is also used topically to get clear skin. It not only detoxifies your body, but also helps clear blemishes, reduce acne scars, and pigmentation marks.

The oil, apart from clearing your skin, also works as a cleanser for the body. If consumed daily, it clears the system and hydrates the body along with you giving a radiant skin and clear complexion.

Prevents Skin Cancer

While flaxseed oil is good to apply daily, one of the reasons why beauty professionals prefer this oil is because of its reputation for fighting free radicals. They prevent `oxidative damage.` Therefore, by including flaxseed in your diet, you can fight those free radicals which develop due to constant exposure to sunlight and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Further, it is also used in the breast enlargement cream which will help women who want to improve their breasts.

Clears Bowel Movement

One of the most significant advantages of flaxseed oil is that it helps the digestive system to function correctly and smoothly. A spoonful of flaxseed early in the morning along with a glass of lukewarm water will keep the system clean and will help the food to digest better through the day.

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