Benefits of Close Reading

The term close reading is a kind of strategy for the students who require the analysis of the short but complex text documents. A good and amazing close reading can make the students and the individuals are learning and enable them to focus on the text dependent question more effectively and with precision. The process of close reading refers to the reader who reads the text more than one times. The reason for this repetition is to make the distinctive notation in the documents and then proceed with the perfect learning mechanism. The first attempt of the reading is made with the complete document till the end and the main focus of this trial is to get the main idea of the text and the key points to be noted in the highlight of it, moreover it is for the attention to detail purpose. The second attempt of the reading is made for the craft and the structure of the document that it contains. This is done by the student who listens from the other when he or she can read it aloud. The further process is carried out in a final or third attempt, sitting in a group of people or with a partner. The purpose of it to blend and get the information and apply it from the text that is being read out. So to figure it out what is close reading meant for, it is for the purpose of enhancing the comprehensive and the reading understanding skills.

There are many benefits of using the close reading strategy in the educational purpose and the academics enhancements for the students. Here are the top 5 vital benefits for the technique of close readers:

  • Improve the critical thinking of the students

The teachers need to challenge the students and give them the tasks to test their critical thinking skills. A good and successful close reading course or outline requires a good and effective text. The first thing to get the overall knowledge of the text by reading it with the first go and then picking up the key points from the text. The second thing that comes for the teacher to see is that whether the document and the text are appropriate for the students to attempt and then finally make the text go deep in the analysis and the production of the key topics and idea. To achieve the object the teacher should know that what the students what to achieve when they are attempting the text.

The close reading focus on the details of the three terms: what the text is saying, how the text is saying and lastly what the text means by it. For a teacher these three terms must be understood by the students to approve the close reading concept.

  • Language sensitivity

One of the best and the effective ways to acknowledge the efforts of the students in the learning process is to adopt the act of close reading. The text that is meant to be read can be of the highest quality and the top notch language sensitivity, and to achieve the best and the effective result the close reading technique comes into play for achieving the best result and objects.

  • Learn the complex text and the meaning

One of the key features and the benefit of the close reading procedure is that the students get to learn the complex terms and let them work on the abilities that help them to make them stronger on the language and the meaning of the text.

  • Defend against the gist reading

The reader that is the student cannot understand the text if they just read what is written in the document. There are many concepts that need to be clear when reading the story based and sensitive text. There are hidden meanings and the reader with the excellent reading skills like the close reading can only get to know what has been added and told in the text that he is reading. Getting the main idea out of the text is the main purpose of the reading exercise and the students should build their close reading technique stronger and powerful to analyze what has been just told in the text.

  • Attention to detail in the text

Best way to pick up the text that tells the main meaning and the highlight points in the idea is to make the attention to detail of the text stronger. Just by looking at few words in the text and picking the right idea of the text is a master skill to have and all this is achieved from the close reading and the more practice of it.

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