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We have already said that the fitness watch with a round dial has an ambiguous reputation among users. Most users like the way they look, due to the fact that they are similar to the traditional watches to which all of us are used to, but they sometimes have problems with the interface: the screen above and below narrows, so reading the text on the screen can occur problems due to the vagueness and vagueness of the text. The main problem of Fit is the inability to display the maximum amount of text, which does not allow the user to view the entire amount of information at the same time. For many, this is not very convenient.

In other words, it is worth noting that the interface would not be prevented by the refinement. Included with the device is provided immediately 6 dials, but none of them is designed to display the required amount of information.

By default, the time on the dial is displayed in digital format, the number of steps and calories burned pops up at the top of the screen, and the Start indication (Start) initially seems like a button to action, however, in practice, this is just great motivation for action. In addition, on the screen with such motivation you can not see the date, but in general, this screen is very good.

Smart Watches

But there are five options: the analog dials in the lower third of the screen displays the time and date, but fitness data is not displayed); On the digital, the time and date, battery percentage and Bluetooth indicator are displayed, but again not fitness metrics; there is another dial on which only a digital watch is displayed; there is also another digital dial with a strange display of hours (large hours and miniature minutes); and minimalist analog dial. As long as the device does not provide for screen personalization, that is, you will not be able to place on the screen one of your best shots, a weather widget or a time display linked to time zones.

Each dial provides two options for the display – with the screen always on or with the dynamic version, which involves turning on the screen by turning the wrist.

The second method will appeal to those who like to glance at the clock.

Regardless of the dial you choose, the interface controls are the same: to display an item, swipe down and scroll through the various menu items. To return to the main screen, slide your finger across the screen to the right. This control will be appreciated by fans of Android Wear devices. In this case, none of the elements on the dial is interactive, like the Apple Watch, when to go to the application to display data on the level of your activity, you just tap the screen on the corresponding element.

It is worth noting that the screen at the device is not very responsive. When you first start you need to customize everything “by yourself”, at the same time having understood the intricacies of navigation through the interface. To wake up the screen of your gadget, you sometimes have to tap into Morse code, so it’s better to set the screen to active mode. Although the default setting is to activate the display by turning the wrist. In addition, criticism is caused by the operation of the touch screen when touching or using certain interface elements. From our point of view, the responsiveness of the display requires significant improvements.


Huawei Fit works in tandem with the iPhone or Android through the installed Huawei Wear application (available for free from the App Store or Google Play). We tested the device using an iOS application.

The Huawei Wear application is least friendly to the user, compared to the devices of competing companies, however, once you get used to it, you will no longer think of yourself without it. For example: the statistics of your last workout is shown on the home page in the “Previous session” tab, but if you want to view the old data, you need to do this by clicking on the “More workouts” button, clicking on which takes you to possible workouts and opening a suggestion to start running training session.


Huawei Fit is not equipped with a GPS module, so you have to turn on the GPS on your phone before starting a workout. But even if there is no GPS available for work, he will still try to guess the distance. (Although at first it is not clear that the watch is trying to determine the distance. At the same time, this function does not work while jogging. Obviously, things are the same as with a pedometer that does not determine the distance while running or walking the stairs. disadvantages of this device, as in terms of accuracy there may be questions.

In general, the device has five different types of training: running, walking, cycling, treadmill classes (or running indoors, as indicated in the appendix) and swimming, although we have not tested the last function. No workouts like rowing, elliptical trainers or climbing stairs are offered as anaerobic exercise.

The application interface in the training mode is made very sad. It seems that the developers decided to focus the user’s attention on less important statistical data: on the heart rate and time of day (the importance of these data is clearly in doubt). However, if you tap a screen with large numbers in the middle, you will be taken to a sub-menu displaying the distance you traveled in terms of steps and miles, one mile travel time and training time in total, including the calculation of calories burned. Another disadvantage is the impossibility of setting two metrics on the device display at once. In particular, when jogging, there was a great lack of display of the distance that we ran. This metric had to be sacrificed in favor of running time.

During testing, many strange moments were revealed. In particular, in order to pause or stop the exercise, you need to drag your finger across the screen to the right. But to get out of this screen, you must first click on the numbers in the middle, and then again drag your finger across the screen to the right (!), And not to the left, as was originally supposed logical. The fact is that when you run, your breath is confused, it can lead to errors when performing actions with the screen. Perhaps the developers wanted to ease the task, but in practice they complicated it. Although the idea of ​​the suspension of training is very good, given that the majority of similar devices simply stop training.

A pleasant and unusual feature is the ability of Huawei to create individual training plans, taking into account your performance in general for a certain period of time. You just need to answer a few questions, and the training schedule will appear on the screen with all the necessary tips and instructions. By the way, the motivation for the day is very motivating.

In addition, you receive a warning that it’s time for you to move if you sit still for more than an hour. This reminder can be turned off.

When your pulse reaches a certain point, the clock will give out a vibration warning. In general, this is a very useful function, since an overabundance of physical activity is not always useful, moreover, it can be dangerous. Why should you risk it?

All alerts are configured in the app. Initially, all of them are installed with a minimum allowable load, that is, for example, to run for a distance of two kilometers. At the same time, warnings for heart rate are also set to the minimum acceptable level.

Thanks to its impressive battery capacity (see next section), Huawei Fit turns into an effective sleep monitoring device. But, as is often the case, the device’s readings for our sleep turned out to be very optimistic: Huawei claims it uses the pulse readings to get an accurate picture, but no scientific justification was found for this. Although, maybe, we just love to sleep, and we sleep long enough and soundly. In general, this function has yet to be thoroughly studied. For comparison, you can sleep in the afternoon, and then compare the results for different periods of time.

In addition, the device also displays notifications of missed calls and SMS messages, and also allows you to display notifications of applications installed on your smartphone. You can both reject the call and answer it! It has a definite meaning, although it sounds a bit strange.

Fit does not allow to manage playlists and music, and also does not allow to install new applications.


Ten hours after recharging and moderate use of the Huawei Fit and Apple Watch Series 2, the charge of the Apple device was at 67 percent while Huawei still displayed the full battery charge on the display and in the application on the phone. After three days – 72 hours – the battery charge was still at 70 percent, and after four – at 60 percent. As a result, the device finally turned off after 7 days, 17 hours and 30 minutes in the mode of easy use.

By the standards of even a super smart watch, this is an excellent result. At least judging by the fact that even the same Apple & Casio Watch Series 2 battery lasts, on average, two days of weak use. Of course, it should be borne in mind that this result was obtained due to the fact that the device worked with very limited functionality, with the screen turned off. The most minimal set of useful functions was used.

However, if battery life is a priority for you, then you should seriously consider making this kind of compromise. In general, sleep tracking has the right to an uninterrupted existence, since you do not need to worry about recharging your device every night.

You can also get a rough idea of ​​the remaining battery life at any point in time using the device. One dial displays the battery charge, while in others you need to click on the device screen to see the auxiliary data elements. At the same time, the battery charge is displayed on the on-screen icon approximately. What does this mean? It’s simple: the icon may be empty, but in fact the charge may last for another one and a half or two days of continuous use. In fact, you can see an empty charge level, but in practice your device will remain fully functional for a very long time.

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