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The audience easily accepts a quality video because it piques their interest and wins their attention. Its editing process is really very simple, and anyone can improve the recording quality without having to be a professional editor. This article will give you a series of basic and essential tips to correct your videos and guarantee their success. Read this post to the end.

How to improve the quality of your videos?

There are various editing techniques to improve the quality of your videos. Each one of them guarantees good performance and the possibility of achieving the objectives set. The most basic forms are:

1. Edit image definition

The image quality of the videos is of great importance for the video quality. Only by correcting blemishes and editing in high definition, the frames can be seen very well. Accepted resolution levels for images are:

  • 480 P. Minimum level of definition to observe quality images.
  • 720p HD grade resolution.
  • 1080 P. Optimal level of definition.
  • 4 K. Maximum degree of resolution for large-scale audiovisual recordings.

2. Ensure a good sound quality

Sound is a very important part of recordings because it optimizes their content. Like images, sounds convey values, emotions, and feelings. For the footage to achieve the desired effects, the videos must be edited to eliminate the recording process’s annoying, unpleasant and typical sounds.Also a good sound formats help enhance conversations and create natural environments. The most recommended are stereo and Dolby sound.

3. Adjust lighting

The lighting of the images is essential to a video because it gives the video a natural effect. The degree of light that is reflected off recordings is called Illumination. The regulation of the lighting will depend on each scene and its needs.Natural light is associated with cozy and serene environments. The light must be balanced so that the effects can be good while in a closed space.

4. Adapt the file type of videos

To ensure the good performance of the videos and allow them to be played on any device and operating system, it is convenient to have a video converter program. You can change the file type of the footage for the most common and popular formats in these applications.Even the most prominent software adjusts the videos to the formats required by many web pages, including social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and mobile devices so that you can easily upload and share them.

5. Add filters

Filters are very important and essential effects to change certain characteristics of images. A good and suitable filter helps achieve certain appearances or aspects, which is not obtained naturally. You are allowed to customize the filter and adjust each filter as you wish without investing large amounts of money. We will introduce 4 applications for you to add filters for your videos.

Applications to add filters

Filtering programs are a very useful means of improving the quality of videos by increasing their appeal.

1. FlexClip

FlexClip is the best choice for adding filters since it is the easiest one. You don’t need to download it to your computer and you can do all the job online with a browser. Moreover, it provides dozens of attractive filters for you to beautify your videos. All you need is first to upload your video and then choose and apply your wanted filters. That’s all. It also helps adjust the light, sound and animated effects for your videos. With its built-in video converter, you can get any video format within a few clicks as well.

2. Fastreel

Fastreel offers filters for online videos. It is a free application that gives certain special features to the footage. Provides a variety of filters to meet all needs and tastes. It has a very easy-to-use interface. You just have to:

  • Import the video file
  • Select the filter and apply it
  • Select the format to save

Without having to download any application to your computer, this tool help you add filters online with your browser. There are also other useful tools to improve the quality of the video, such as: adjust the size, color, sounds, animated text and so on.

3. Movavi

With this application, you can do all kinds of editing on the videos, including adding filters to correct their appearance and achieve a specific effect. Anyone is able to handle it because it has a simple interface.

4. OpenShot

OpenShot is a recording editor that offers a variety of functions to improve the quality of videos. You can add filters to give your video a different look. You just have to drag and drop the video on the system.


We have listed the five tips for improving the quality of your videos and recommend 4 applications for you to add filters. Now you can try them out, make some changes to your videos and make them viral among the networks. What do you think of these tips? Leave us your suggestions in the comment box.

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