Ways to Control Pests by Do – It –Yourself Tricks

Humans and animals have been distinguished from each other on the basis of intelligence and cleanliness. Human beings are intelligent species who have created societies that have all the amenities to live comfortably and undisturbed from animals. We take pride in our designs of cities and metropolitans like Bhubaneswar where we are safe from any kind of invasion from other species. But when it comes to pests, they can be found anywhere and at any time. Domestic pests can be categorized under insects or small animals that cause damage to your food supply, health or property.

This breach of the pests into our houses is threatening to our secluded lifestyle. Now the best option in these situations is to go for a professional pest control service near you and let them take care of the pests for you so that your house can be pest-free without much hassle from your side. In case you are one of those persons who like to take things into their own hands and do everything themselves, below are few ways to control certain household pests on your own.

  1. Controlling Houseflies and Cockroaches with Effective Waste Disposal – When you keep your garbage for a longer time inside your house you invite unwanted guests like houseflies and cockroaches inside. Houseflies mostly breed outside the house in garbage cans and contaminated food. However, when you keep your trash can with rotten and spoiled food overnight; flies invite themselves for a visit inside your house and infecting pure and unpolluted food as well. The same goes for cockroaches invading your house. So make a routine habit of throwing away garbage at the end of the day before retiring for the day.
  2. Plumbing Repairs to Stop Silverfish infestation – Silverfish insects are wingless small insects that are silvery light grey in color and have a fish-like appearance. They are responsible for eating away food and other household stuff that are high in protein, sugar, and starch. They attack you cereals, wheat, flour, paper with glue, book bindings, etc. Now the question is how to stop these insects from coming in? The answer is preventing dampness at home. Check all the pipes and drainage systems for leakage. Keep a window or exhaust fan in the bathroom and kitchen to keep it free from moisture.
  3. Trapping Cockroaches with Petroleum Jelly and Bananas – Cockroaches are really annoying and filthy pests that contaminate our food and spread unwanted diseases. For a long term eradication of these pests, you should always rely on finest pest control services in Bhubaneswar but if you are the kind of person who thinks cockroaches are ridiculous to even look at just arrange a trap for them and throw them out even without looking at them. Get a tall container can with lid and apply petroleum jelly to the rim of the can. Put some bananas into the can and keep it near the area where you see a lot of cockroach activity. You can lure in all the cockroaches and the jelly will help them to stay inside as they won’t be able to climb the container wall. You can just put the lid once you see them inside and throw them away from some place far from your house.
  4. Treating Fruit fly Infestation – Most of the time we buy fruits and forget to consume them. That can result in the rotting of fruits and an open invitation to fruit flies into your house. The simple way out here is just to throw away the fruits once they start to rot.
  5. Preventing Fleas and Dust Mites – Dust mites and fleas are microscopic pests and it’s impossible to even see them, let alone fight them. So the best solution for these pests is to keep your entire house as clean as possible. Hiring general pest control services in Bhubaneswar can help a lot as they can make it a hassle-free and convenient service.

About Author – The author has stated various ways in which pests can be controlled by self-help. Instant home remedies and procedures to avoid pests have been discussed by the author in point-wise fashion. All the points undertaken by the author are regular issues faced by people in Bhubaneswar.