War Robots – A Beginner’s Guide To Playing The Game

If you’re like robots and multiplayer games, you’ll have a blast with Battle Robots. It’s a PIXIONIC-published action MMO with multiplayer support. A tactical conflict between two teams of six players, in which you and five teammates each take control of robots. You may acquire and improve a wide variety of robots to aid you in combat.

It’s a thrilling experience to control robots in combat against other robots in this entertaining game. Despite its appealing description, newcomers often find the game to be more challenging than anticipated. Several factors need your attention. Frustration is common throughout bouts, particularly when competing against more experienced players. You should also avoid rookie errors to avoid falling too far behind the pack early on.

This page serves as a starting point for players new to War Robots. This will be an introductory tutorial for the game of War Robots.

Your Starting Robot

The Destrier, armed with a Molot and Spiral of Level 1, is the starting robot for all players. The Cossack is available for purchase when the Second Hangar has been unlocked. Both robots may help you survive the first few rounds, but their limited attack strength will gradually depreciate them. They won’t benefit much from a level 2 improvement, however.

war robotsHere, you should shop for and outfit Punishers and Punishers T. These weapons are top-tier and will propel you to victory. The Punishers are superior than the currently available weaponry in one-on-one encounters. Don’t waste money improving them; put that money into the Punishers and Punisher T instead. The Punisher and Punisher Ts are, as the name implies, weapons designed for use at close range. Tulumbas is an excellent choice if you like battling from a distance.

Leo, Natasha, or Vityaz are the following robots you should purchase. The Doc is also a viable choice if you’d rather go for the Tulumbas than the Punishers. The Punisher and Thunder are a formidable duo, so now is the time to make your purchase.

Use Your Gold & Power Cell Wisely

It’s also crucial that you save some gold before spending it all in Battle Robots. You should hoard them as much as possible since they are the game’s premium cash. There may likely be an initial want to make use of them, but resist the urge. After you’ve unlocked the fifth hangar spot, you may safely spend your money.

war robots goldThe primary use of gold is to purchase more hangar spaces. But, they may also be used to buy certain robots and other stuff. Never use them to speed up your upgrades, since it is a complete waste of your hard-earned wealth. There are always in-game methods to get some of them, but the quickest way to obtain them is to pay real money for them.

But, your robots’ active modules will not function without Power Cells. The modules are essentially nodes that may be attached to robots in order to bestow various benefits onto them. Each player has access to the most common upgrade, the active modules. By default, a bot with active modules can self-repair, bypass shields, detect stealth adversaries, and so on. Despite how tempting it would be to utilize them now, you should hold off until you’ve made it to the Gold League. More so than in the lesser tiers, you’ll need their services there.

Don’t Get Too Attached to A Robot

It’s easy to have a personal investment in your robot’s growth and development, as is the case in many games. You’ve fought in innumerable conflicts, both winning and losing. Keep in mind, however, that you won’t be limited to utilizing just one, two, or three robots. Especially as you go up in Geometry Dash Subzero, you will constantly be switching them around.

war robots charYou may need to make way for the new bots by getting rid of some old favorites. To make room for them on the newer, stronger robots, you’ll have to remove some of the weaponry and attachments you’ve already installed on the older ones. Do not assume that you will necessarily maintain your current cadre of formidable robots until the very end. There are always new versions of war robots on the market.

With an upgrade, a robot that many people today perceive to be the most powerful might be rendered obsolete. As a result, you can count on regularly updating and rearranging your robot lineups. With the introduction of new robots and the evolution of existing ones, the meta for the strongest robots is always shifting. Don’t fall behind or be trapped with a low-performing robot by failing to keep up with the latest developments.